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Previously on I Wouldn't Say Ken and Barbie, So Much As Greg(g) and Marcia: It was revealed that Gregg and Anonymous Jen were keeping company at Koror, much to the scandalized delight of Coby. Coby's gasping joy only grew when he learned that in addition to the contortions involved in winding their limbs around each other in various formations, Gregg and Anonymous Jen were planning to bolt from Ian, Tom, and Katie once Willard and Caryn were gone. Meanwhile, both tribes had to go to tribal council, and after a weird switcheroo where Ulong wanted to vote off the challenge-blowing Ibrehem and was stopped by Koror, they booted Angie instead. Oh, and Koror booted Willard, because they literally could not think of one reason to consider doing anything else at all, making it possibly the least-discussed eviction in the history of the show. Willard went off to his room to think about what he had done.

Ulong. Night 12, after tribal council. A crab is on the move, because he knows a sinking ship when he sees one. As the miserable little tribe stumbles back into camp, Ibrehem interviews that it was the wackiest tribal council ever, what with going in there being sure that he was going to be booted, and then...not! Also, as Wing pointed out last week, who ever heard of beef stew and root beer? Not that Ibrehem really attacks on that front. The team has a meeting at which Steph starts talking about how, at the next challenge, they should work on "listening skills," and quite brilliantly, James just starts talking over her about how important that is, and how right she is, all the while entirely stepping on what she's trying to say. "Keep your eeeears open, and listen to yo' teammates," James blathers. See, it's like irony, but more hillbilly.

Steph explains how Ibrehem knows that he was the one who was going to go, and he knows he'll go next, as far as she's concerned. James decides that they should relive the entire thing again, some more, and he launches into a rant about how Ibrehem wasn't paying attention at the challenge, and "you cost us the game," blah dee blah. Bobby Jon interviews that he didn't appreciate James going after Ibrehem about the same old thing yet again, when as far as he's concerned, they both win and lose as a team. "If you can't get over beef stew, please," Bobby Jon says. Heh. And root beer!

And then it is the next day, and Ibrehem is doing his prayers. I think he's the first active Muslim castaway, isn't he? I mean, one you actually see praying? I think he is. Mostly, in terms of spirituality, it's pretty much Bibles and yoga. Anyway, Ibrehem explains that, usually, he's able to get away on his own to do this, and he segues directly into how God had a hand in saving him at tribal council. Sigh. He tells us that he has "a whole new grasp" as the result of the intervention of...well, you know. It's good to see that the belief that God intervenes in reality television is an interfaith kinda thing.

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