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Koror. Ian interviews that they voted Willard off, and then the group got some beef stew, and everybody seems good. Tom interviews similarly that people are doing "projects" around camp. Coby is already all wound up when we get to his interview. "Camp Koror had Craft Day," he singsongs. "Well, just Katie. Everybody else was working." And in the clips we see, Katie is indeed weaving something, but Coby is mostly...watching her, so I'm not sure what his great contribution is. In fact, Katie interviews that she's doing great, and "thought it would be harder than this." We watch Caryn ask Katie about what she's weaving, and then Caryn complains in her interview that she also thinks Katie should "work a little harder." Because, as Caryn says, "It appears that she's just here to entertain." I think Caryn and Coby need to start getting hip to the fact that nobody votes you off Survivor because you don't do enough work around camp, so unless Katie cares what Coby and Caryn think of her, which she undoubtedly doesn't, she has her role down perfectly well -- her role is Girl In Majority Alliance. And I believe it's Ian and Katie who are then seen putting on a puppet show with socks, in which they act out tribal council. Katie has puppet-Bobby Jon say, among other things, "Ah look like Jesus Christ!" He doesn't, really, but I'm telling you, it's the dress. But...hey, wait -- there's a third person popping up from behind the puppet-show curtain. It's Coby! I thought he was working! Wait, and there are Gregg and Jen in the hammock together! I thought everyone was working but Katie! She was the only one who had Craft Day! Coby said so! Well, I suppose Coby is right that he didn't quite have Craft Day. He had Puppet Day, which is apparently a far more serious undertaking.

Later, Janu and Katie head out to get treemail, and they find a tube that has a lone Pringle tied to it. Boy, if that's not the foundation of a poem, people, I just don't know. When they read the bad rhyme, it becomes clear that there's some kind of aiming/shooting competition to come, and apparently, this is the crap-ass Pringles reward that has become traditional. When Katie tells the team that Pringles are involved, incidentally, she seems a lot happier than anyone else. You know how there's that one girl on your floor in college who still likes Jolly Ranchers? Well, Katie is that girl, except with Pringles. And apparently, Koror's clawing-the-air-and-hollering thing has really taken off, because the entire team does it, like a cheer. Is it from "Ko-RAAAR!"? Because...well, all right. But it's dopey. Of course, at my high school, they spelled out "Q-U-A-K-E-R-S" as a football cheer, so what the hell do I know?

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