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But before you know it, the members of Koror have apparently (and unexpectedly!) survived, because morning comes on Day 14, and the sun is out. The rest of the tribe is sort of grumping about the tough night they had, but Janu looks even rougher than the rest of them. You know that girl who just broke up with her boyfriend, and she kind of can't stand up, and people keep bringing her Diet Cokes and issues of Us Weekly? Well, even she would look over at Janu and say, "Oh, honey, it's not that bad." Janu interviews that she felt "vulnerable," "alone," and "scared." Because that's what storms do, apparently -- they make you lonely. Hey, you know what she needs? Company. Like...about a million jellyfish would be good. Of course, I think a million jellyfish would be of the most help to her if she could eat them, because yikes. She continues to sort of sit in the hammock looking miserable, and Tom tries to see if he can cheer her up. He tells her that he, too, feels what a bad day it is, and he's especially missing his family. He tells her just to let today suck, and then get on with tomorrow. Such good advice, seriously. The rest of the tribe listens in as Tom reassures Janu that now she knows she's not going home early. She'll make the merge, he thinks she'll make jury, and he thinks that she has a shot at the end, which I don't think is the case, but I realize this wouldn't be the time to tell her, "You could finish as high as fifth or sixth, probably, if you do everything exactly right." Janu insists that she lacks the strength, but Tom tells her she has it in general, even if she doesn't have it today. Aw. Katie interviews that Janu lets herself get too wrapped up in her own head. I sense that Katie doesn't have that problem, if you see my point. She refers to Janu as a "drama queen," which...I kind of understand. Because it does seem a little overdone, the whole thing.

At Ulong on Day 14, they go and get a crate from treemail, and the crate is attached to a note. The note, in alarmist military-style lingo, explains that the other team (referred to in the note as "your enemy," because of the theme, you know?) will be trying to open this box to get out its flag, and your job is to tie up the box with ropes to make it as hard to get into as possible. "Make this box impenetrable," the instructions say. Of course, you're not really going to make it impenetrable by tying it up with rope, or safe deposit boxes would look really different, but you get the idea. And then the instructions say that you're to bring the box with you to the challenge. Which Koror probably would have figured out without help, but Ulong? Not likely. Ulong would have brought the crate to tribal council but not to the challenge. It's actually a good thing they didn't win the beef stew, or they'd probably have tried to patch their shoes with it.

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