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Bobby Jon and Steph drag back wood for Ulong. They pass it off to Ibrehem, and James is still on shore working on his dress. "Look at James, tying his skirt instead of the knots," Coby mutters bitchily to Caryn. Ulong makes it back with all three bundles of lumber at once. James momentarily abandons his skirt-tying, which requires a quick blur of his butt as he goes out to help drag the wood in. Jen brings lumber back for Koror, and Katie and Janu go out to get it. Steph uses her teeth to work on knots. Koror finishes fetching wood, and they finally start on their sticks. "I think they've gotten ahead of us," Coby frets, because fretting is kind of his thing, and because it sets him up to complain later, and that's really his thing. ["He certainly would fit right in on The Apprentice." -- Wing Chun] The teams continue building, and suddenly, we fast-forward to five minutes left, and then one minute left. Jeff notes that Ulong has used all of its rope, while Koror has not, quite. As time runs out, the teams shove various pieces of lumber into their nests of rope, the better to complicate the process. Jeff counts down the last few seconds, and we are done. Coby gives a little golf clap.

Now, it's time for the teams to start untying. Ready, go! There is untying. Coby calls the situation "nerve-wracking," although the captioner thinks it is "nerve-racking," and then Koror begins to get a little bit of a lead, clearing out the wood and such a little bit more quickly than Ulong. Koror gets to its crate and drags it over to the table. Ulong is busy untying a zillion knots -- put there by Katie and Janu while James was working on his skirt -- and then finally, it frees up the crate and drags it over. So now both teams are down to the knots they tied this morning, with Ulong presumably counting on the magic Navy knot to be unbeatable. It appears that Koror has basically taken the approach of just putting an enormous number of knots in the rope that have to be untied before you can do anything else. In other words, their knots are not tricky, but they are plentiful. Janu goes after one with her teeth. Caryn and Coby look on uselessly. Koror! Ulong! Untying! Ropes! And then Koror gets to the crate first. Apparently, the magic Navy knot was not so tricky to conquer. Substantially easier to conquer, one hopes, than the actual Navy. Koror opens the box. They run their flag up the flagpole as Steph looks on in utter disgust, and Koror wins its fifth consecutive immunity challenge. The coconut monkey once again goes home with Koror, to the relief of both tribe and monkey, and Ulong is yet again facing a tribal council that will take it down to three members. Let's concentrate on Koror. Koror shares hugs! Aw, hugs!

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