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Treasure Island
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The sad and J.T.-less Heroes return from Tribal Council. Rupert immediately tells us that he tried to prevent what he knew was going to happen all along, no one listened to him. Normally I'd be annoyed with Rupert's need to tell us how awesome he is, but the fact is that this is one of the only times he's gotten something right, so he might as well enjoy the moment. "I'm done," he says. "Yeah," says Colby, who's been done since like Day 2. Candice, on the other hand, congratulates the Villains on a Tribal Council well done. Li'l Russell is lying in the shelter with Amanda and Sandra, and asks Sandra if she knew Parvati had an idol. "No, and I didn't know she had two of 'em, neither,' Sandra says angrily. Ha ha ha! She's angry even though one of those idols was given to her to help save her ass! Amanda listens, but we all know she's going to do nothing with this information, so, whatever. Li'l Russell admits that he didn't know about Parvati's second idol, to which Sandra says "daaaaamn," ready to rub Li'l Russell's nose in this because she knows it's tearing him apart inside not to know everything that's going on. "They got secrets goin' around? What the hell is up with that?" Li'l Russell wonders, apparently forgetting what show he's on. He gets out of bed and walks down to the beach to talk to Parvati about her secret second idol. She tells him (and Jerri, who's hanging out with them to convince herself that she's important in this game) that she had it since they won that Sizzler reward, which impresses the hell out of Jerri but pisses off Li'l Russell, who thinks Parvati owed it to him to be upfront and honest after he "saved [her] ass" like seven Tribal Councils ago. He accuses her of lying to him. Parvati pretends she has no idea what he's talking about. "Oh, chill out," she says to him dismissively, rolling her eyes. Li'l Russell says nothing they can say will convince him that he wasn't lied to. Parvati doesn't really care. She interviews that when Li'l Russell realized he wasn't in control of every single thing that happens in this game, it scared him a little bit. Which was Parvati's intention.

Amanda makes a bunch of sad pouty faces as she talks to Rupert about their next move. Rupert reminds her that he tried to prevent this from happening, because that is apparently how he begins every conversation now. It's better than talking about his broken toe, though, which is what he was doing before. He offers to talk to Sandra and lure her onto the Heroes' side. Amanda says she'll "work on other people" on the Villains tribe, which cannot possibly be a good idea. Rupert says she'll never be able to break up the alliance of Danielle, Parvati, Jerri, and Li'l Russell. How the hell did Rupert go from a muttering, bumbling idiot one week to the smartest person in his entire alliance the next? He interviews that he had a chance to get Sandra's vote when the tribes first merged, but his allies didn't believe him and now they're all screwed, since Sandra is probably more loyal to the Villains now than she ever was before, thanks to Parvati giving her that immunity idol. Which is why that was such a good move on Parvati's part -- not only did it ensure that J.T. would be voted out, but it also may have won her Sandra's loyalty and it definitely won her Jerri's. Which means everyone in Parvarti's alliance now feels a special loyalty to her above everyone else.

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