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Treasure Island

The next day at Camp Yin Yang, the reward winners return. Colby complains that they only had one bed for three people, which is kind of lame but I can see why the Stevenson house staff didn't want to have to deal with burning three sets of sheets. Danielle gets a chance to speak with just her alliancemates because Colby and Amanda are really, really dumb. She says she got the clue but had to fight for it, telling them about how Amanda took the clue away from her so she "wrestled her to the ground" and "ripped it out of her hand." Of course, we know that's not how it happened and it was more like Danielle clutched at Amanda and whined a bunch before telling on her to Colby. For some reason, only Danielle and Li'l Russell go off to look for the idol and once again, the Heroes do not bother following them. The clue tells them to look near a "bendy tree" by the stream, and they overturn various rocks. Of course, Li'l Russell finds the idol within five seconds and is able to hide it in his pocket when Danielle isn't looking. He then makes a pathetic excuse and leaves the scene, saying that he wanted to get out of there before anyone else knew about his idol because he's still sore at Parvati and Danielle for not telling him about that other idol. "I am the king of hidden immunity idol," he tells the camera. What is that, like, his seventh one this season? I'm starting to wonder if there isn't a little producer intervention going on after all.

Hey, you know how every time Li'l Russell gets an idol he tells us he won't tell anyone else about it, only to immediately tell someone about it? Well, this time is no different, as he pulls Candice aside and tells her he has the idol because he thinks that will win her trust. "How'd you get it?" Candice asks, probably as disgusted as the rest of us are at Danielle for letting Li'l Russell walk away with another idol. Candice wants proof, demanding to see the actual idol. Li'l Russell pulls it out of its hiding spot and says, "stick with me. I can take you places." Oh how I wish these people had seen Li'l Russell's first season before filming this season. Then they'd know that this was one of the oldest tricks in his book. That, and teaming up with young blondes he thinks are stupid. Candice interviews that she's going to keep quiet about this for fear that her own tribe could use it against her. She tells Li'l Russell that she trusts him, and he tells her this will get them to the Final Three. They hug.

Day 30 dawns on Camp Yin Yang. Sandra fills Colby in on how her tribe imploded and Li'l Russell came to dominance. She interviews that she thought her game was pretty much over when Courtney left, but now that J.T. is gone, the Heroes need her and she can give them the majority over the Villains. "Now is the perfect time for me to make my move,' she says. I love how the fact that Parvati gave her an idol at the last Tribal Council has no bearing on her decision to fuck the Villains over. Unfortunately, Sandra and Colby overestimate Danielle, assuming she has the idol and she'll never part with it, so all they have to do is vote for someone other than her unless they can convince her that she isn't in danger tonight. Colby says they can't let the Villains know that Sandra is flipping or else they won't tell her who to vote for tonight. Duh, Colby. Why are you even here? I wish James had stayed over you at this point, and I really don't like James. But at least he wouldn't have handed an idol clue to his opponent and then sat around at camp while she looked for it.

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