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Treasure Island

On the beach, Li'l Russell knows that Sandra and Colby were walking together and asks if they spoke at all. Sandra denies it, saying Colby is "kinda like uptight. Like Jerri said, he like doesn't have no personality." Ahahahaha! Hearsay diss from Jerri! Li'l Russell tells Sandra that they have six votes in the bag, so even if Sandra flips to the Heroes, she'll be in the minority. It takes Sandra a second to figure out that he's saying a Hero flipped to their side, then she's just like, "oh, okay." "I trust you," Li'l Russell says to Sandra, even though he just told her that he got a sixth vote to protect them against her flipping. Sandra just laughs. She interviews that her main motivation for flipping to the Heroes is to "get Russell out." She says that to Rupert, adding a bleeped word to show that she means it. She also tells him that Li'l Russell told her one of the Heroes flipped. She seems certain it's either Amanda or Candice. Rupert interviews in his usual unblinking muttering crazy-eyes manner that Li'l Russell is "a piece of garbage." Colby tells Amanda that Sandra wants to join their team. Amanda immediately says they should vote for whoever Sandra tells them to. Why are they talking to each other and not following the Villains everywhere they go to try to get the immunity idol?

The contestants arrive at the immunity challenge. Probst takes the immunity necklace back, saying immunity is "back up for grabs" unless you're Li'l Russell, in which case it's basically handed to you by the producers on a silver platter because they're under the mistaken impression that you're interesting and should thus go as far in the game as possible. Twice. Today's challenge is the incredibly lame Final Challenge from Season 17: building a house of cards. Oh, but remember when Susie freaking won it? And then everyone from the cast to the crew to Probst was so sad because it meant Invisible Susie would be in the Final Three? And how she was only one vote away from winning the entire season, despite not really existing for most of it? Good times. First person to reach ten feet wins immunity.

The challenge begins, and the contestants take different approaches to their card tower. Parvati appears to be constructing a rhombus for her base, while Candice has little tile teepees for hers. These are both terrible strategies, unless you can win for prettiest tower. After ten minutes, Amanda is still working on a gigantic base while Jerri and Li'l Russell's simple towers are almost as tall as they are. That's impressive until you realize that Li'l Russell's tower is probably just two feet tall. "Colby's building a nice house of cards!" Probst says, and hearing Probst's kind words throws Colby off and his tower collapse. Danielle starts catching up to Jerri and Li'l Russell. Amanda is using all 150 of her tiles to build the strongest and most supportive base ever. Sandra's ridiculously flimsy tower is hit by a soft breeze and collapses. Soon, Jerri and Li'l Russell pass the eight foot mark. Li'l Russell can't hold onto one of his tiles and throws it on the ground. As Jerri and Li'l Russell approach nine feet, Colby gives up on his tower and watches them instead. This is the guy who'd rather watch Treasure Island then two girls with no pants on wrestling for a piece of paper that could be worth $1 million dollars, so it doesn't take much. As Jerri and Li'l Russell start what will be their final level of the tower, Li'l Russell doesn't have enough tiles because he threw one away. HAHAHA! He has to climb back down his ladder to fetch it. Jerri's tower wobbles, but ... she's able to get two final tiles on the top of her tower to break the ten foot mark. She's thrilled to win immunity, saying this is her first individual immunity win in three seasons. Probst sends the contestants back to camp, and Sandra interviews that now that Li'l Russell doesn't have immunity, she's voting for him. "I've waited thirty days. Thirty days too long. It's time for revenge, and this is for Courtney, Boston Rob, Tyson ... and even Coach, who I don't care about, but I'll stick him in there, too." Ahahahaha! Sandra rules.

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