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Treasure Island

The tribe returns to camp, and Jerri is beaming. No one has ever been this happy about winning immunity. No one! She takes her necklace off so she can admire it for a while, then interviews that she's "swimming in yay!" Oh, Jerri. But soon we must turn back to Li'l Russell, because every single fucking episode of the last two seasons has been All About Him. He says he's happy that someone from his alliance won immunity, and the Heroes have nothing left in this game. "Rupert and Colby? They're done and they look done," he says. I hate Li'l Russell, but he has a point there. They pose no threat to him, nor does Candice because Li'l Russell thinks she trusts him. That leaves Amanda as the person to vote out tonight because she's an "aggressive, strategic player. She's kinda like Boston Rob in a girl's body." Li'l Russell: good at finding "hidden" immunity idols but a terrible judge of character. What an insult to Rob that was. And also, in some ways, to Amanda. But moreso to Rob, because he never would have given back that idol clue. Li'l Russell talks to Candice, telling her to write Amanda's name down tonight. Candice says that's the best choice they could make and she's "ready to put [Amanda's] name down. She's crossed [Candice] too many times." Oops! Amanda's bizarre need to get rid of Candice earlier in the season just came back to haunt her. Candice interviews that now, no matter which way she votes tonight, one alliance is going to be mad at her. Which puts her in a decent position in some ways, since that could make her an attractive person to take to the Final Three. Candice adds that Li'l Russell having the immunity idol makes her nervous about siding against him. Right, so, keep the guy with the immunity idol in the game. Smart. Sigh. "I felt like I had to go with the plan that was the most solid," she says.

In the shelter, Rupert says he'll be taking all of his possessions to Tribal Council tonight, having learned never to assume you're safe after he was voted out of his first season without any of his stuff, which he overconfidently left back at camp. Sandra tells the Heroes that Li'l Russell is going tonight, and the Heroes agree. And then Li'l Russell asks Candice who the Heroes are voting for tonight and she tells him it's him. Parvati walks up and says she's never seen Amanda "just, like, lay down and die like this." Candice says Amanda thinks she's safe, and Parvati agrees that that explains why she doesn't appear to be scrambling to stay in the game. And then Candice, who apparently you can't shut up once you actually give her people to talk to, reveals that Sandra is voting with the Heroes.

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