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Treasure Island

Li'l Russell thinks he's so great at this game, but every time he's confronted with a real issue or threat, he runs down to the beach and screams at people, almost always women. In a particularly awesome shot, we see him scampering on the beach towards the distant figure of Sandra, and Candice wandering around behind him. Confrontation time! Li'l Russell sits Sandra down before Candice gets there because he wants to talk to her alone about what Candice just told him: that Sandra is going to vote for him with the Heroes. Looking him right in the eye, Sandra denies this calmly without getting overly defensive. "Amanda's going home," she says. Candice sits down next to them as Li'l Russell interviews that he thinks voting with the Villains against Amanda is both Sandra and Candice's only option. Not really, but whatever. Li'l Russell tells the women that all he needs is one of them to vote for Amanda for her to go tonight. Sandra continues to act like the thought of anyone other than Amanda being voted out tonight never occurred to her. Li'l Russell, in yet another interview, says that Sandra and Candice would have to team up against him and vote with the Heroes, which he can't see happening because the Heroes are pathetic.

Sandra talks to Rupert. She tells him that Candice just ruined everything. "Candice is not flipping. Listen to me, Russell needs out of this game," Rupert says, like that's going to help anything at this point. Sandra says that Candice told Li'l Russell about their plan "by mistake," which, I don't see how that was a mistake, but okay. Sandra interviews that she and the Heroes are basically screwed now and tells Rupert that Li'l Russell will probably get and play the idol tonight.

Later, Sandra talks to Candice while she's on the beach next to Rupert and Colby. She asks Candice why she's switching alliances. Candice claims that she isn't. Colby backs her up, saying "she's totally with us." And that's how you know that she isn't. Because Colby sucks and knows nothing and if you want to do well in this game you should just do the opposite of what he does. "Don't hang me out to dry," Sandra tells Candice, who insists that she isn't flipping. Colby shushes the women and says they're going to be okay and everyone will be loyal and it'll all work out just fine and they'll vote for Parvati. Rupert interviews, barely moving his mouth as he speaks this time, that they don't want to vote for Danielle in case she uses the idol on herself or Li'l Russell in case she gives it to him. Thus, their only choice is Parvati. "If this thing doesn't work, it's Candice's fault," Colby says. Candice laughs, thinking he's kidding. But he isn't, because the Heroes all know that Candice is the one who told the Villains about their plan to vote out Li'l Russell. And yet they still trust her. "There's three days of scrambling going on in three minutes," Rupert says. Well, whose fault is that? Maybe if your alliance had DONE ANYTHING during this game before, you wouldn't be in such a dire position now.

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