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Treasure Island

Probst asks Li'l Russell if there's discord amongst the members of the Villain tribe. Li'l Russell says they each play different ways: Danielle is "real aggressive," as is Li'l Russell, while Jerri is "calm" (a.k.a. quietly starving to death in the corner), and Parvati is "the charming one of the whole bunch," like that's difficult. Even I could be more charming than Li'l Russell, Danielle, and Jerri, and someone made a Facebook fan page dedicated to my tendency to scowl in photographs in a most off-putting fashion. Sandra asks Li'l Russell what she brings to their group, since he "forgot" to mention her. "Sandra, she's just there with us," Li'l Russell says. Probst says Li'l Russell just made a "big statement" while Parvati looks at Li'l Russell like, "what the fuck are you doing?" and Jerri makes a face that is either sad or bored or dying calmly.

Probst says to Rupert that there are clearly "cracks" in the Villains alliance. Rupert says he wishes he knew about that "be ... fore ... right ... nowsittinghereatTribalCouncil!" Either he speaks at a glacial pace or he's imitating the Micro Machines guy. There are no in-betweens with Rupert. Probst asks Li'l Russell if one reason why he likes Danielle's gameplay is "the more she plays, the less chance she has of winning." Um, why not ask Danielle that question, Probst? Or would you prefer to talk shit about the women present to another guy who you've already asked like ten questions? Li'l Russell just says that Danielle's fighting to get further in this game helps him get further in the game, too, as evidenced by her getting the idol clue at the reward. Danielle beams proudly, like that was any kind of shining moment for her or Amanda or Colby or even Robert Louis Stevenson.

Probst then turns to the only man left in this game he hasn't spoken to yet: Colby. He asks him what he thinks is going on with the immunity idol. Colby says Danielle "definitely" has it. Rupert agrees. Hey, remember when Colby and Rupert were absolutely certain that Li'l Russell was definitely on the outs of the all-female Villain alliance? Yeah. Oops. Probst then addresses Parvati just to ask her if she's vulnerable since the Heroes won't vote for Danielle tonight if they think she'll use the idol. Parvati says she is, but she's trusting her alliance to keep her in the game. Probst asks Li'l Russell if he isn't a "huge target" for the Heroes and a former ally, too. Li'l Russell says that if he doesn't find his 2,367th idol then he'll probably be voted out, but that's what happens when you take risks. Oh, and give your idol away to Parvati because you think she's hot. Twice. With that, we vote.

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