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A Loverly Bunch of Coconuts

Peachy next asks what a "horse" is in the Marquesas Islands. The answer is not "a lagoon sea creature," but instead, it's "a horse like any other found all over the world." Oh, that tricky Peachy. He explains that Spanish explorers introduced horses to the Marquesas so "a horse is just a horse." The remaining competitors all get it right except Zoe. So Robert takes out a Zoe bunch; Neleh takes out a Robert bunch; and then Tammy goes for Zoe -- thus eliminating her from the challenge with the reasoning that one less person in the game increases her own odds of winning. Zoe says not to worry, but warns that she'll remember. She jokingly claims to have needed a rest anyway. Robert takes out Neleh's second bunch, and then asks Tammy if he should "leave it out," thus acting as if Neleh's elimination was a foregone conclusion. Tammy makes it so, with the reasoning that Neleh "wacked" her first, and that's "fair play."

So it's down to Tammy and Robert, and Peachy wants to know whether the sea cucumber can be deadly to humans. Tammy thinks it can't be; Robert thinks it can be, and Tammy's right. Peachy reveals that while the sea cucumber can cause burning, it can't kill you. So eat those puppies up! Dramatic music swells as Tammy ceremoniously chops down Robert's last bunch and gets necklaced by Peachy, who oddly caresses her back during the process.

I just don't need to see Martha Stewart rolling around in bed.

The tribe walks back from the challenge on Day 24. Gong! Vecepia rambles on about how people always say everything is not perfect, and that when they returned from the challenge they discovered just how everything was not perfect in their tribe. Robert and John congratulate each other. Robert says, "Took care of business right off the bat!" Which I think is kind of ironic, since he personally took care of John. They hug each other. John pats Robert's back and says, "Thank you, baby." Vee tells us that Tammy, Zoe, Robert, and John were cocky at the challenge. We see Zoe telling the other cockies that she almost took out John because she hated taking out Paschal. Robert snarks, "It didn't seem to bother you that much." A shot of Paschal reveals that it did bother him, exactly that much. John tells us that Sean, Vee, and Kathy went first in the challenge. He was satisfied by cutting Sean's last rope, and hopes that will be "an omen" at tonight's Tribal Council. And maybe it was an omen, but not the omen John was hoping for. Sean tells us that "everyone" was talking about the arrogance of the four at the challenge; he says it rubbed "people" the wrong way. How many of them are out there, anyway? Even Neleh and Paschal are outraged over what happened. Paschal complains that the Rotus "were never gonna give [them] any consideration," and Neleh says, "No way!" Paschal tells us that the "coconut choppin' and all" revealed a distinct pecking order. He sounds surprised when he concludes, "And we was [sic] included in it," even though they'd been assured otherwise. Neleh insists that she's been completely honest throughout the game. She says she'd be "lying to [her] heart" and to herself if she voted against Sean. She insists that they have to vote off John, and would be fools not to. One of the two might technically be a fool anyway, but we get her point. She tearfully says she's worked too hard to go out like that. In a confessional, Neleh tells us that seeing Paschal's coconuts come down so fast showed her that something around Soliantu had to change.

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