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Peachy sends them off to vote. Robert votes for Sean because Sean couldn't wait for a shower or good meal. He promises, though, "We'll be hangin' in NYC eatin' good soon."

Tammy votes for Sean; he's been better the last few days, but he still doesn't pull his weight around camp.

John smirks as he votes. What's with all the smirking?

Sean votes for John and says, "Checkmate, bro. Thought you had me. Anytime you go to Vegas bet on black." He's drawn a little happy face in the "o" of "John." He then promises that they'll have "chicken and waffles" when the game is done.

Peachy reads the votes: Sean (eye roll); Sean (Adam's apple bob); John (smug giggle); John (smug giggle); John (slight concern); Sean (serious). Tie. Now John (shitting bricks); and the eighth person voted out of the game is "Johnny Baby." Paschal appears to laugh, while John tries to hold his head up high. We don't see the last vote, which I still think is unfair to the competitors. John's torch gets extinguished and he exits. Peachy preaches to the remaining S8, "Just when you think you have this game figured out, whoops, a surprise." He pronounces the game "up for grabs" and says he'll see them tomorrow.

Next Wednesday on Survivor: "Look Closer." More likely, "Look All Over" again since "never-before-seen" clips always ends up meaning "before-seen" clips.

On Thursday, the S8 face the "biggest power shift in Survivor history," and Neleh thinks it's hilarious. It's the "most unpredictable" Survivor episode yet, apparently because there are hula girls. They shake their hips very suggestively, so I hope they're all of age, or else Paschal will be dismayed.

As the credits roll, we learn that Zoe voted for John, which is definitely a surprise. Even more surprising, that Neleh authored the snarky "Johnny Baby" vote. Who knew she had it in her? John says, "Well, well, well," and then brags that his "abs are incredible." He apologizes to his mother because she can't retire, and then tearfully whines, "I did really well and I'm very proud of myself," but the "myself" part of that sentence trails into a giant, high-pitched sob. He sobs. Sobs! Hee!

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