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Same night. Lights flicker while the moon peeks through palm fronds. Angels sing because Paschal is thinking of his family. He tells us he was up before daybreak because he couldn't sleep. We see him settling down for a little nap about one foot from the wind-blown fire. Sparks fly all around him, and Paschal rolls around and attempts to cover his face with his buff without catching fire. A tree falls down behind him and he rises looking sleepy and perplexed, but not particularly alarmed.

Morning dawns on Day 22 and a surprisingly non-charred Paschal is still out there. He sleeps on his back, with his knees bent, one foot flat on the ground, and the other leg crossed over. He also has one hand on his chest, and he looks kind of ridiculous. I'd be upset to be caught on camera sleeping in that pose. It reminds me of spring break my senior year of college when we drove to Key West and there was this total Adonis-looking tanned blond man sleeping on the beach in a ridiculous position -- he was spooning, but just one spoon. So we dared each other to get as close to him as we could, and pose in a similar manner. And he never woke up, even while being spooned by Liza. Liza, incidentally, would do anything; and was rushed to the hospital later on during that trip because someone hit her over the head with a chair. She's now a surgeon. Robert explains that it was a rough night and a windy morning at Soliantu, and two trees came down around the camp. He says they were lucky that the trees didn't fall on their tent. Tammy and Vecepia hug and kiss while Tammy whines that -- with a few more feet -- the tree could have landed on their tent. Vee doesn't want her to say that; she just wants to "praise God."

Now Kathy and Zoe sit together and Kathy wants to "go over what happened yesterday." She says she was confused and wanted to know if there was an alliance among the Rotus to vote her off first after the merge. Zoe insists that there was not. Kathy wants to know, then, if an alliance was formed with the sole purpose of duping Rob, and Zoe claims that that was always her "intention." She says she tried to express that there was never any intention of voting Kathy off, and that they wanted to get Rotu back together. She's really a poor liar. Now there's someone I can call "shifty" and have no worries about. In a confessional Kathy tells us that Zoe lied to her; she thinks the Rotu alliance had definite plans to vote her off. She says Zoe has been lying since the beginning of the game and playing both sides, but Kathy "can't take that." We see her tell Zoe that whoever wins will win, but she won't be their pawn. She says she'll fight to figure out what's going on, but she's also wary of disrupting friendships. Zoe says she has the same concerns. Kathy tells us she was going to goad Zoe further, but she backed off because she wanted to make her feel guilty "for good negotiations," and she thinks she accomplished that. Kathy and Zoe link elbows and hold hands; they look intimate. And uncomfortable. As the camera pans away, we see that they've been sitting on a big pile of sharp-looking rocks. Kathy tells Zoe that she's happy they got through this difficult beginning, and that after they vote Sean off, they can work on their own relationships. Kathy then calls Zoe "sweetie," which I bet she doesn't hear too much. "Sweaty," maybe.

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