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Kathy hauls ass into the boat. Christy Turlington is not flattered trying to climb into a boat, but it does seem to me that the editors love showing Kathy in unattractive positions. She says she feels like "a dead fish." We then get a very obvious product placement shot of the boat's engines. Now, the Soliantu flag reminds us that we're at Soliantu, in case we think the tribe has wondered off, set up camp elsewhere, and renamed itself. Kathy "hey[s]" at the tribe as she returns, telling the others that it was beautiful and exciting. She reveals that she has returned bearing the king-sized Snickers bar. She tells us that her real motivation in bringing it back was for peace of mind, so that if the others had any "beef" about her winning another challenge, they'd have some good feelings toward her as well. Hee -- she says "Snicker bar" instead of "Snickers bar." Kathy admits that sharing the "Snicker bar" could backfire and look like bribery. Each S9 takes their eensy-weensy bite of Snickers and exclaims over it. Tammy lauds Kathy's generosity; she says it must have been hard to share, and the others wouldn't have done so as easily. Kathy just likes to see people happy. Oh, that Kathy. In her spare time, she dresses up as a clown at the birthday parties of terminally ill, homeless, and one-armed children. She also thinks there's "too much tension on the beach," and that a Snickers bar will resolve that. Clearly, we've missed the point, and should quickly send a king-sized Snickers bar over to the Middle East. In an interview, a sullen John calls Kathy's act a "beautiful gesture," but says, "An eighth of a Snicker isn't gonna change my vote." He claims that he appreciates the gesture and calls it "sweet," but he's not terribly earnest.

Paschal tells Sean and Neleh that there's definitely a Soliantu bond, but it's "different." Sean says, "Right," and sounds disappointed. Paschal looks as though he's trying to determine if Sean's being sarcastic. Sean tells us in an interview that everyone keeps insisting they're a family, but that everything isn't "hunky-dory." He says things are "goin' on" and that people can't be trusted; still, while you're in the game, you have to be "vague but still put it out." He says he needs Kathy, and that she may then be able to get Paschal and Neleh. At this point, he tells us, "all gloves is [sic] off," and he wants to "go for the gusto." We see Sean explaining to Kathy that they now have a one in nine chance of winning the million, and will never again have such favorable odds. She answers, "The only thing I can say is, I totally agree with you," which was a total fake-out, because of the way she prefaced it. Kathy thinks Tammy and John are playing the game obnoxiously hard. Sean says if they are in agreement about what they need to so -- and she agrees that they are -- then he, she, and Vee are committed to the same goal. Kathy thinks she can get Neleh and Paschal. She then clutches Sean's upper thigh. Way upper.

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