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Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor

At the reward -- amid lots of product-placed glamor shots -- there's a feast and a cabana and a pool, the latter of which I'm not sure holds quite the appeal after being on a beach for two weeks as it does for, say, someone trapped in an urban frying pan in the middle of summer. Sabrina says a rather thoughtful prayer before they eat and they dig in. Kim talks about what a boon the food is, even to her thinking process, which I think is a totally underrated aspect of the game. I'm sure half these people would be walking fools anyway, but the hunger can't help their states of mind.

A bit later, as Leif and Mike continue to pig out, Kim is lying down like maybe she's weary from digestion. But then she invites Sabrina to recline near her and they begin strategizing. They both admit they're planning for well down the line and they need to figure out now which direction they want to go. Sabrina says something about there needing to be three "good people" at the end, which is the kind of talk that always annoys me, but I think ultimately it boils down to the fact that Kim and Sabrina can't trust anybody to take to final three more than they trust Chelsea, so that's what they want. Kim wants to take Mike out next, but she doesn't exactly want to blow up the Salani alliance either, so they make a plan to tell Troyzan that Mike has been conspiring against him. Kim figures Troy will immediately come to their side and vote Mike out. Then, along with Alicia and Christina, they'll have six girls to four boys "and then we'll just annihilate 'em." Sabrina likes that idea as much as Leif likes the burger he's chowing down on.

Back at Tikiano beach, the losers are bumming. Tarzan is literally chewing on bamboo. It's a bad scene. Chelsea, showing flashes of her later indiscreet gameplay, wants to talk about whom they should vote our next. Troy and Jay want to vote Christina, but Kat makes the case for Mike, which makes me think Kim had discussed this plan of hers before just now with Sabrina. Jay interviews that this talk of eliminating Mike is making him nervous. He says he's going to have to keep checking back with his alliance to make sure they're all on the same page, comparing it to "a teacher just keeps smacking a student, making sure they're on the same page." An indelicate analogy, to be sure, but I think it's a stretch to read any kind of physical threat into that, as I've read in certain places.

The rewarded return home to camp with a giant crate filled with 7Up (which I read somewhere was a condition of the sponsorship, that the winners would bring a cooler back that could be shared for days to come). It really is genius to get your product on Survivor. You'll never have a more receptive focus group. Meanwhile, Troy interviews that he's going to have to check and make sure Kim, Chelsea, and Sabrina are still on the Salani plan.

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