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Now, Jeff would like to discuss "relationships." Specifically, he'd like to know whether strategic "relationships" and actual "relationships" are coming into conflict with each other at all. He puts this question to Amanda. She, playing for jury votes, says that it's hard playing the game and having friends, because those things can lead you in different directions. Jeff now asks Denise whether, if you make a friend, you hope for some personal loyalty, and she says you'd hope so, while clearly knowing the answer is something like, "Hoping and expecting are two very different things, Jeffie." She says that you can't really fully trust anyone, because everyone is playing a game.

And then, the oddest thing happens. Jeff asks Frosti what he thinks it means that he's still there after being picked by Fei Long, "presumably to get rid of [him]." So let me get this straight: Jeff is now admitting that the obviously sensible strategy was to pick strong players from the "other" group and boot them out? What happened to the "Well, I never!" attitude he hurled at Peih-Gee and Jaime for it? Frosti says that he formed some relationships at Fei Long, and that's helped him stay in the game. He stresses that everyone knows it's a game, and that everyone understands. You can kind of imagine them all relaxing, like, "Hey, we're glad you feel that way. So anyway..."

Jeff asks Erik whether the game ever seems personal, and Erik says that he's "wanted to make friends, too," but that he's been concerned about trying to get in with particular people at the expense of others, so he's tried to be balanced and not take any big risks.

Now, it is voting time. Peih-Gee will not be handing immunity to anyone. Frosti votes for Erik: "One of us will be eating cheeseburgers before the other; neither of us deserved it," he says. Erik votes for Frosti: "It's you or me tonight, bro, nothing personal." More than this, we do not know. Amanda votes for someone she pronounces "an amazing person." BUT WHO?

Jeff brings back the votes and asks whether anyone would like to play an idol. No one would. First vote is Frosti, second vote is Erik. And then the rest of them are all for Frosti, so he's Toasti. He seems to sort of half-ass his farewell hug with Courtney, which: good for him. "Frosti, the tribe has spoken," Jeff says. "With cheeseburgers still on their breath!" Frosti says dramatically. Good kid, you can tell. Courtney tears up a little and blows him a kiss. Clearly, they were not in love, but I think they kept each other company, and he gave her a friend when she really didn't have one out there. Having one friend and zero friends are very, very different experiences.

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