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A lizard eats...a frog or something. Ew. I mean, way of the jungle, I know, but...poor frog. Or, if it's poisonous, poor lizard. Maybe poor high lizard. This paragraph is out of hand.

Treemail arrives, and the clue suggests that there will be drumming in the challenge. And, in fact, a drum is included with the treemail. The implication is clear that a feast will be the reward. Peih-Gee laments in an interview that she hasn't won any rewards, or practically any challenges at all, so she's feeling very frustrated.

Challenge. So the way this works, you're divided into two teams. Each team has to keep a ball bouncing by passing it from person to person, each person holding a drum on which they bounce the ball. You're going through an obstacle course, so obviously, you have to figure out how to pass it back and forth so that you can get around the various obstacles. The drums vary from a fairly small one to a fairly big one. If you drop the ball, you have to return to the start, or to the most recent of two "gates" you may have passed through. At the end, you have to bounce the ball into a big can. Then you go back and get another. The first team to get three balls through the course wins. That team gets a river cruise involving a big dinner and a night on the boat, returning in the morning. Unfortunately, they will have to bounce themselves on the beds all night long. (Just kidding.)

The captains are Peih-Gee and Erik. She picks James, and I have no idea what the thinking is there at all. He's shown himself to have physical brute strength only, at least thus far, and no signs of finesse or grace or agility that I've seen. He's not a multitalented, freakishly capable guy like Ozzy; he's just a really big, strong dude. Normally, I think Peih-Gee is a good thinker, but she's drinking the Kool-Aid on James's abilities, I think, because what he's good at is not going to help her here. Erik, much (much) more intelligently, picks the agile and versatile Frosti. James takes Todd, again for no apparent good reason. Frosti goes with Amanda over Courtney -- dun! Amanda's ass is still blurred every time it's on screen. I do not get what she did that made that happen to her behind. Giant hole in her pants? Simple overzealous wedgie? Tattoo with a Coca-Cola logo? WHAT? Todd takes Denise over Courtney, and Courtney goes with Erik, Frosti, and Amanda.

So this is kind of like...hacky-sack, in a way, or a combination of hacky-sack, dribbling a soccer ball on your knee, and bouncing a ball on a tennis racquet, you know? You have to bounce the ball on your drum and keep it under control, and you have to be able to pass it from person to person successfully without dropping it. Let's see how everybody does. Todd and Erik bounce up to the first obstacle, and Erik successfully passes to Frosti, but as soon as Todd passes to James, James drops the ball on the ground. Frosti drops the ball shortly thereafter, but only after they're through a gate, so they don't have to go all the way back to the start. James once again drops the ball on the ground for his team. That's two up and two down for James. Unable to do it, James asks Peih-Gee if she'll dribble the ball. The problem is that Peih-Gee is holding the littlest drum, so she has the smallest surface area. It's not clear whether they can switch drums, but her drum is not merely a little smaller but a lot smaller than the others, so this is very much not advantageous. Meanwhile, the other team masters not only the completion of the course, but the right way to finish, which is that Amanda holds her drum up like a backboard to direct the ball into the can -- a small but crucial detail. So that's one point for the yellow team.

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