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The argument goes from kind of uncomfortable to really funny when James contemptuously says, "That's why y'all lose. You quick to blame." Ha ha ha! Yeah. James hates blame! He would never blame others for his team losing. He doesn't like blame; blame is for losers! You'll notice, of course, that Peih-Gee didn't blame James for losing the challenge; that wasn't her argument at all. Her argument -- which she never should have brought up, mostly because she and James don't like each other and it isn't the real reason she was angry -- was that after lecturing her about not trying, he clearly didn't try. It doesn't mean that's why Red lost; I think she knows that's not the only reason they lost. But indeed, after James tried and failed a couple of times, he threw in the towel and lost interest in the challenge. Which is fine, and very human, as long as you're not trying to tell everyone else about the importance of trying. So he's kind of getting what's coming to him here (as, in her way, Peih-Gee is). But James is changing the subject to "you're blaming me for losing" when her argument is, essentially, "I never want to hear another word out of your slowpoking ass about who isn't trying." In fact, when she clarifies specifically that she is not saying that it was his fault they lost, he cuts her off, literally pointing his finger at her, saying, "No, blame! Blame!" It's easier for him to respond to that if she says that, so as hard as it is to believe, he's willing to go as far as pretending that's what she's saying, even though it's not. Peih-Gee says that she'd like to finish her sentence, but James is so terrified that she'll say something he can't respond to that he instructs her that she may not finish her sentence. "Every time you bring something up, I will quickly blast you back, and make you look QUITE SILLY," he fantasizes. Unfortunately for James, it's kind of one of those "show, don't tell" things, though, where the guy saying, "I could say something really witty and biting right now IF I DECIDED TO" is always the guy with nothing to say. Peih-Gee repeats once more that her objection was to his strolling back to the mat like he didn't give a shit, and then she goes to take a walk, which is what she should have done in the first place.

James -- apparently having forgotten about the cameras recording what people actually say -- interviews that Peih-Gee came to him and said that it was all his fault they lost. Of course, she said nothing of the kind, and specifically said she did not think it was all his fault that they lost. It kind of suggests, though, that James genuinely believed she said that, even though he's mistaken. He's not evil; he just doesn't listen. Peih-Gee, meanwhile, acknowledges in an interview that the reason she got pissed off at James was that she was pissed off about losing and was taking it out on him, which is surely true -- the way he blew off the challenge was gross, but she wouldn't have cared very much and certainly wouldn't have brought it up if she wasn't so sick of losing. She acknowledges that "picking fights" is undoubtedly not her best move, but says she's not always able to keep her mouth shut. Yeees, we've noticed. Back to the first episode. It's why we're surprised you're still here.

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