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Back at camp, James again erroneously reports to Denise that Peih-Gee told him it was his fault that they lost. James further interviews that he's trying to keep everyone from being tempted by "the little pretty boys" and "the annoying little girl." Oh my God, I wish you would make your argument, dude, without tying all that bullshit sexist baggage to it. Be less of a dick so I can give a shit what happens to you, would you? You have a certain twinkle in your eye, and I could like you if you would be less of a dick. Help me out. James adds that the members of his group have "predestined [them]selves" for victory. Presumably, they haven't all predestined themselves; just some people. Because...again, James: one winner. Do you think Todd intends for it to be you? Might give that some thought. James hopes out loud to Denise that Courtney and Frosti don't have "a big romance," although here, on Day 25, he can't remember Frosti's name. You can't remember that a guy is named Frosti? Like, THE SNOWMAN? Too generic to remember? In his interview, James goes for a Garden of Eden reference, saying that they should all "be nekkid and be happy, and don't eat the damn apple." Or the swinging dick, I suppose.

Poor Todd interviews that everyone he likes is out on the cruise, while the people he doesn't like are here with him at camp. Poor Todd!

Cruise. Frosti, Erik, Courtney, and Amanda toast with what looks to be orange juice. Erik tells us that he'd won hardly anything, so he was "amped up to win." Erik says that this was a chance to build "relationships," and then we watch Amanda watching Erik, a little moonily, maybe -- and not without cause. That's a good-looking boy, although he is a little Guy In A Moody Band for me. Amanda says that she likes Peih-Gee, but that she also finds Peih-Gee annoying. Erik mildly defends Peih-Gee as "cool," but for understandable reasons, he's not really opposed if they want to have a bashfest. Erik explains this in his interview, saying that if they want to turn on Peih-Gee, that's good for him. As the boat makes its way down the river, Frosti scratches Courtney's bare back, which is kind of...all you can do is scratch. You can't really give her a massage, any more than you can knead a Saltine cracker. Courtney explains that she doesn't entirely get her relationship with Frosti. She points out that he's only twenty, which...yeah, on the one hand, some twenty-year-olds are very mature, but on the other hand, I will admit that that's just on the edge of gross. Like, because he's a college kid. Not gross, but...I don't know. Not old enough to drink is kind of...noteworthy. Clearly, Courtney and Frosti have a little joke about talking to each other in silly voices, because they're doing it again on the boat. It's sad, because again, Frosti's kind of trying to give Courtney a backrub, but you can tell all he's getting is skin. Nobody's fault, just...a shame on all levels. In an interview, Frosti refers to Courtney as "way out of [his] league." YIKES! She is not! Frosti, you and Courtney both seem young and harmless to me; you might be a little young, but she's certainly not out of your league, dude. I have a feeling Frosti is one of those guys who was a dork in high school, became adorable, and did not notice it, or at least did not internalize it. I know several; it's equal parts endearing and infuriating.

That evening, Amanda and Erik are also enjoying the sights together. "Oh my gosh, it's a goat, you guys, I'm not even kidding!" Amanda says suddenly. (Joe R: "Unlike all the other times I claimed I was seeing goats, because then, I was kidding, but now, I AM NOT KIDDING!") Erik makes a kind of funny noise that apparently represents his impression of a goat chewing and bleating. Not bad. Funnier than it sounds. Courtney orders him to "stop hitting on the goats." Hee. This cruise really is getting romantic. Erik interviews that they all had a swell time, and that he thinks perhaps this will help his bond with everyone. He does his goat impression for the girls one more time, and Amanda still laughs, even though she's heard it several times by now. She probably hates herself. I know the feeling. Substitute "he threatens her with a chair" for "he does his goat impression" and it's, like, the story of my life. Amanda interviews that Erik is "adorable," and that she'd like to keep him as long as possible. I'll just bet she would!

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