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Frosti Mugged Sensation

In the first round, Erik is out. Could've eaten! In the second round, Amanda is out. So now, it's Peih-Gee and Frosti. In the next round, Peih-Gee has it right. Frosti? Not so much. So Peih-Gee wins immunity, and Frosti does not. Somebody goes home tonight, Jeff reminds them, and it's not going to be Peih-Gee as they planned. Huh, I wonder if the other FOUR PEOPLE on that alliance might have kept that from happening if they'd played.

Sooooo, back at camp on Day 27, Frosti is frosted, talking about how he put himself out there and didn't eat, while four people on his alliance dogged it and sat out. He basically thinks it's ridiculous that they couldn't wait twelve days for a cheeseburger so that the team could vote off the person they wanted. Frosti says he thinks that Erik already knows he's on the block. He and Frosti have a funny little talk in which they're both like, "Well, if it's me, good luck." Heh. They seem like good-tempered sorts. One acrobat, and one guy in a band. Isn't that always the way? Erik interviews that he knows it's him or Frosti, and that he feels like Frosti has made his way into the former Fei Long group, so Erik has to wonder. On the other hand, he also feels like he made some strides with Amanda and Courtney. What will happen?

Frosti, meanwhile, chats with Todd and tells him to look out for Erik -- he's not annoying like Peih-Gee is, and he's making inroads, particularly with the womenfolk. "They love him," Frosti stresses. We do, I admit. But only with the embarrassed part of ourselves that spent too much time at the Cat In The Cream in college. (That would be the coffeehouse, for those of you who went to schools with less twee names on the eating facilities.) He adds that he really digs Erik personally, but "you've just got to be careful." Todd, for his part, interviews that if Erik is there at the end, he will totally win the money. Of course, I think many of the same things, as far as likeability and such, could also be said of Frosti. Todd says that Frosti, on the other hand, is awesome in challenges. Todd chats with James and Denise, saying that they definitely have to get rid of one of these two dudes. Todd is confident that Courtney can be convinced to vote against Frosti, but James isn't sure. He has the "swinging dick" theory, you'll recall. Todd says that if Courtney won't go along, they can just get rid of her. And now Denise interviews that it will be either Frosti or Courtney. So that's a switch. Todd goes to Courtney and tells her that James and Denise think she won't vote Frosti out. Courtney interviews that everyone knows he's her "munchkin," so they're worried that she won't vote him out. Todd uses the "competition for challenges" approach in trying to talk Courtney into voting against Frosti. She says that she's not sure what exactly she's going to do. Todd tells us that Courtney "could literally take a sharp turn right at any moment," by which he means, "could figuratively take a sharp turn right at any moment," and that he might have to vote her out. Of course...if she takes that sharp turn, it will be too late, no?

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