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Tribal council. Jeff brings in the jury: Jaime and Jean-Robert, the latter looking just like he did when he left, only angrier. Jeff gets right down to business: "James, of all the people who would choose to eat rather than fighting for immunity, I have to say, you surprised me the most." You're really better off not exploring too much what it is that causes Jeff to feel this way about James. I haven't seen anything from this guy that indicates the heart of a warrior. I really haven't. You know who I remember being really surprised to see duck out of a challenge in favor of eating? Stephenie. And you know why? Because everything she had done up to that point screamed that for whatever was wrong with her, she prided herself on fighting absolutely as hard as she could at all times. Is there anything about James, other than his size, that has suggested he has that kind of personality? As Peih-Gee pointed out, he doesn't exactly represent the International Guild Of Trying Your Hardest when it comes to challenges. I have to question what makes Jeff so desperate to transform James -- who is basically a very big, very physically powerful guy who kind of tries as hard as he feels like and spends most of his time complaining -- into some sort of larger-than-life hero. It's very weird. I mean...he's just a guy. He's a big guy. And when he's really hungry, he's vulnerable to wanting to eat, just like everybody else. Why is it his problem to inspire Jeff goddamn Probst?

For his part, James just says that he was hungry. In my favorite moment, he says, "If I'd have [sic] competed, I'd have competed with my whole heart." In other words, there's no halfway: if he can't give his all, he believes in dropping out completely and having some fries. Jeff directs a similar question to Todd, who says that his inner "fat kid" just wanted to eat. I don't think that needs to be your inner fat kid -- just your inner kid who's starving. Asked why he chose to compete, Frosti basically says that you're always at risk, no matter how good you feel, so to him, that was the choice. "I want to know that I've done everything I can," he explains, and I think that's a big part of it, too. Going home when you didn't even try? That's got to hurt. Jeff asks Erik whether eating or not eating suggests something about how comfortable people are. Erik's response is pretty much a riff on "Duh." Jeff asks him what his position in the tribe is, and Erik's like, "Not that good, asshole," but he says it without the bad word.

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