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Li'l Russell Island
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Matt arrives on Redemption Island, which, by the way, is it even an island? I bet it isn't. It's probably a Redemption Peninsula or a Redemption Some Nicaraguan Guy's Backyard. Or both. He wakes Francesca up, and she's shocked to see him. "Why are you here instead of Phillip?" she asks. I just realized that poor Francesca has probably been sitting there for three days now just waiting for Phillip to show up and be crazy. Matt says he has no idea what happened or why he was voted out. He didn't even bring any of his stuff to Tribal Council, so all he has for however long he's on Redemption Island is the clothes on his back. "He's a scoundrel," Matt says of Rob. "Scoundrel?" Is Matt my grandma now? Also, Matt, you're the one who aligned with a guy you should have known very well is the way Rob is and never should have dropped your guard or gotten too confident. Poor Matt interviews that he's hurt and feels sick to his stomach. He tells Francesca that he's going to look like an idiot and "such a goober" when this episode airs because he spent the entire time talking about how well everything was going, only to be voted out by his own alliance. I'm not sure how sympathetic Francesca is, considering that Matt and his alliance voted her out three days earlier.

At Camp Onomatopoeia, Rob and Grant congratulate each other on a successful Tribal Council. Kristina lost her idol, Matt is gone, and Phillip proved to be reliable and slightly less crazy than they suspected. Rob and Grant pull him aside and praise his acting skills at Tribal. A shockingly normal Phillip laughs and bumps fists with them without mentioning his Former Federal Agent status once. I have a feeling Phillip is a very good actor, and has been acting this entire time. It'll be interesting to see if he can keep that up once the lack of food and all the stress start to work on him. Rob tells Phillip that he is welcome to join their alliance as the fifth wheel. Phillip's happy to accept the offer and says his word is his bond. Rob interviews that his next job is to smooth things over with Andrea in the morning, because he knows she's too smart not to realize that her alliance turned against her and try to get back at them.

Day 6 on Redemption Island. The Yellow Snake is there! Either he can swim, or that's not an island, just as I suspected. Or the yellow snake isn't there at all, but is leftover footage from last season. Also, my editor tells me that those snakes are actually nocturnal, but I guess this snake was willing to wake up early for the chance to be on TV. That's less embarrassing than what some people are willing to do to be on TV. And he's gotten more camera time than half of the contestants so far. Matt and Francesca get treemail sending them to an arena set they probably pulled out of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge trash bin and shipped to Nicaragua. There, they will face off against each other to see who stays and who goes.

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