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Li'l Russell Island

Probst sends the tribe off to vote. Julie looks over at Li'l Russell and nods slightly. NOOO. NOOOOOOnonononono. No. Ralph votes for "Ressell." Good lord. I mean, really? Surely Ralph has seen this show before, since he's not exactly the type of guy the casting recruiters go for so I'm assuming he auditioned. So he must have seen Li'l Russell and saw his name spelled out. Also, he should know how to spell "Russell" anyway. It's not that difficult. Either Ralf got it wrong by accident and he's even stupider than I thought, or he spelled it wrong on purpose, which would be awesome. I fear it's the former, though. Sarita votes for Stephanie, calling her "misguided" and "rude," things she probably wanted to say to her during the Tribal Council but bit her tongue because that's the smart way to play this game. Li'l Russell votes for Rolph, saying "this is my game, you sucka." He's right, though. Even if he gets voted out tonight, there's no way the producers are letting him leave. He'll just hang out on Redemption Island and have like half of every episode devoted to him until he comes back in the game, finds 18 immunity idols, and gets second place. We don't see who Julie votes for, of course. If it's for Wralf and not Li'l Russell, though, I will find where she lives in California, go to her house, and slap her. And then run away, because she could probably kick my ass.

Probst reads the votes. One for Li'l Russell. One for Relff. One for Stephanie, who smirks. One for "Ressell." And then one for "Russel." Wow, Li'l Russell may well be voted out of this game by a bunch of idiots. How awesome. Or not, as Julie is shooting Stephanie conspiratorial nods. Stephanie rolls her eyes as she gets a second vote. Rrawlf gets a second, then a third vote. But he can't be too worried, since those are obviously from Li'l Russell's alliance. And yet, Stephanie and Li'l Russell are sitting there grinning away like they know something really awesome for them is about to happen. Ugh. Julie smiles at them, and my spirit has been crushed. BUT THEN! The final vote is revealed, and it's for Stephanie!! And then Stephanie and Li'l Russell look around in disbelief that the "old woman" whose name they didn't even bother to learn just lied to them and they bought it hook, line, and sinker. Julie, on the other hand, wins my love forever as she sits there, that same smug smile still plastered on her face. Probst says they have a three-way tie, so everyone except Stephanie, Li'l Russell, and Woof will vote again. Gosh, I wonder who they'll vote for? If I didn't hate Li'l Russell so much, I'd be hoping that they'd all vote for Stephanie just so I don't have to listen to her anymore.

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