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Li'l Russell Island

Francesca is the first to try out her pole. She's able to grab her first key ring as Matt makes an attempt with his pole, only for it to fall apart as soon as he picks it up. Francesca goes for her second key. Slowly and carefully, she lifts it off the hook and brings it back behind the gate. Wow, Francesca is kicking Matt's ass. Hooray! I want her to win and go back in the game. She is funny and smart and didn't get a chance. Matt makes a second attempt at the first key ring, and his pole falls apart again. Meanwhile, Francesca goes for her third and final key. But this hook is slightly further away than the others and her stick is just a hair too short. Too bad her arms aren't as long as Matt's, or else she might have won right there. The pole folds in half on her as Matt makes a third attempt for the first key ring. This time, he gets it. He immediately goes for the second key. He gets that one, too. All of the sudden, Francesca's huge lead has disappeared. She and Matt go for their third keys at about the same time. Their poles dance around the key rings. Matt's is a half-inch short of the ring, while Francesca gets her pole in the key ring but it slips off. In the meantime, Matt has stretched his arm out enough to get the last key ring. He slowly and carefully carries it back behind the gate. Damn. I mean, Matt seems okay and all, but I really like Francesca. And she doesn't have a chance at winning now, with Matt successfully getting his last key ring behind the gate and working on the locks while Francesca is still unable to get that last key ring on her pole. Matt quickly unlocks the gate and wins.

Andrea smirks like she isn't going to voted to Redemption Island and getting her ass kicked by Matt next. Francesca and Matt hug, and Francesca tells Matt to "give 'em hell." Probst congratulates Matt and sends Francesca away, telling her to toss her buff in the fire on her way out. What, no special catchphrase for that, Probst? Nothing about fire representing life and buffs representing ... uh ... life also? I'm disappointed. Probst tells Matt to head back to camp and wait for his next opponent. Matt laughs mirthlessly, so he is called back to the feet of Probst and asked what's so funny? Matt says the Redemption Island camp is nothing compared to the Onomatopoeia camp he left and it's tough being by himself. But he has no choice but to "seize the moment." Probst is delighted to hear Matt repeating his words and sends him back with a "make it happen." Thanks, Coach. Probst tells the studio audience they may also go back to their camps and it's up to them what, if anything, they tell their tribemates about Redemption Island. For some reason, they have to do this in slow motion, even though all they're doing is walking down some fake stone stairs. Steve voiceovers that this was an "eye-opener" for him and he's hoping to use this against Li'l Russell by telling him that Francesca won the challenge instead of Matt.

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