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Li'l Russell Island

Ashley and Andrea return to camp. Rob asks Andrea how Matt is doing, like he cares, and Andrea says he's "pissed." Ashley says they didn't get to talk to Francesca or Matt, but Matt said he was hoping to get revenge on them. Rob obliges the producers and interviews that Redemption Island is scary because Matt could come back into the game and team up with Andrea again and then, somehow, the two of them would vote Rob's alliance out. Rob decides to talk to Andrea. He says he's really sorry about what happened to Matt, but it wasn't just his decision. Four people wanted Matt to leave. Oh, please. Andrea's not going to buy that. She was in Rob's alliance. She knows that he runs everything. And was totally okay with it until he ran everything against her closest ally behind her back. Andrea whines that she doesn't know where she stands now. Rob says she's still in their alliance. Andrea asks if that means that Phillip and Kristina are going before she is. Rob says they are. Andrea interviews that despite what Rob told her, she thinks she's in a bad position and doesn't trust anyone. But she's going to pretend she trusts Rob and is part of his alliance so he doesn't think she's scheming and vote her out. Then Andrea's crying and saying she's really angry at her former alliance. I guess that's why you shouldn't ally with a guy who played this game three times already and has proven time and time again not to be a trustworthy ally.

I guess Camp Zapato is really far away, because it's a whole new day by the time Steve and David return from Redemption Island. Just like Steve promised us, he lies to Li'l Russell that "the black chick" beat out "the blond dude." Steve interviews that he did this so that when Li'l Russell goes to Redemption Island, he'll see someone he didn't expect and that could throw him off enough to lose the challenge. Probably not, but they might as well try. At the very least, lying to Li'l Russell and him believing them makes him look just as stupid as he says all those people who believe his lies are. Li'l Russell does his little troll walk away from the group, and Steve immediately tells his allies that Matt actually won and Francesca went home. His allies laugh and smile. It's awesome how much these people hate Li'l Russell. Li'l Russell interviews that it's obvious that he's in an alliance of three against six, so he needs an idol. He reads his clue again and sets off with his allies in search of the idol, but the clue, which tells them to look for something living next to something that isn't, is very vague. Li'l Russell complains that everything on their island is "alive," such as the beach, which is full of non-living rocks we call "sand" and "the running water," which is also not alive. Also, Li'l Russell insists upon looking for the idol with no pants on. Ralph, whose back hair is more alive than the beach or the running water, watches Li'l Russell's alliance's desperate search knowing that their efforts will be futile. After a while, Li'l Russell gives up on finding the idol. But Stephanie has an idea: she says if they can't get a real idol, then they'll have to make do with a fake one. She interviews that Li'l Russell has plenty of experience when it comes to finding idols, so it won't be hard for them to make the rest of the tribe believe that he found another one. Stephanie puts some crudely-constructed fake idol in her bag and says she's going to try to make it seem like she has a real idol in there.

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