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Li'l Russell Island

Onomatopoeia returns to camp and get right to setting up their tarp over the shelter. Rob interviews that he couldn't bask in the glow of victory for too long, as he was sure there was a clue to the hidden immunity idol somewhere in the reward and he wanted to find it before anyone else did. And, he says, other people are looking. Like Kristina, who looks for her clues by squatting next to a tree in an unflattering manner. And some blonde girl, who looks for her clues by sniffing the inside of what appears to be a water jug. Yeah, I don't think Rob should be incredibly worried here. Rob says he used to think he could just ignore the idol, but that didn't work out very well last time. So this time, he's going to get the clue and thus, the idol. He searches everything that came with the reward, but finds nothing ... until he spots Phillip's "fat ass" lounging in the new chair like any good Former Federal Agent? will and tells him to get up because the chair is lopsided and Rob is afraid it's going to break. No, no, Rob; only Shambo breaks reward items. Rob checks out the chair, only to see the immunity idol clue sewn into the fabric "right underneath [Phillip's] ass." While Phillip snoozes in the other chair, Rob mutters something about taking the "broken" chair to their toolbox for repairs, walks off with the chair, and grabs the clue. He mutters to the camera that Phillip's fatness caused the chair to bend, thus getting Rob's attention and, ultimately, getting him a clue to the idol. But Rob's happiness is short-lived, as he reads the clue and finds it incredibly vague, even more than Zapato's was. He doubts it'll help him find the idol, but says at least he knows no one else will be able to find it using that clue, either.

Zapato return to camp. Ralph reminds us that they threw the challenge to get rid of Li'l Russell, who heads off with his allies and leaves the other alliance alone to plot his doom. Mike says they'll split their votes in case Li'l Russell has the idol: three for Li'l Russell and three for Stephanie. Meanwhile. Li'l Russell sits in the tide pool lagoon thing and rants about how stupid it is to throw a challenge this early in the game. Krista and Stephanie nod and agree with him. Li'l Russell interviews that it's a bad idea to intentionally give Rob's tribe any kind of momentum, as they could very well go on a winning streak and then Zapato will be seriously down in numbers when the tribes merge. Um, didn't Li'l Russell go into the merge the first time he played with only like four people to the other tribe's eight? And he didn't seem particularly worried about it then, because he knew that a strong tribe of four could be better off than a fractured tribe of eight. Even if Zapato loses every immunity challenge between now and the merge, they're still better off than they would have been going into the merge with Li'l Russell on their tribe waiting to screw them over.

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