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Li'l Russell Island

Probst seems disappointed in Li'l Russell, saying he must have known there would be a target on his back coming into this game. Did he? Li'l Russell isn't very good at reading other people's feelings and emotions. For instance, he thought he took Natalie, Mick, Pavarti, and Sandra to the end with him so he could destroy them in front of a jury when the truth was that those people were actually taking him to end because they knew they could beat him in front of a jury. And he still doesn't seem to realize that. Li'l Russell claims that people judged him by the way he played before, but he isn't playing like that now. For example, he tried to win the challenge today. Other people did not. When he says he believes his tribe threw the challenge, Steve makes this ridiculous indignant double take motion with his head. The rest of his alliance, however, doesn't feel the need to lie to Probst or claim they tried their hardest. Mike says most of his tribe probably didn't give their all in the challenge, knowing that, while winning would be nice, losing would give them a chance to "trim some fat." Ha ha ha! Mike just called Li'l Russell fat. He's awesome.

Probst goes for Julie next, asking her if it isn't foolish to intentionally lose a tribemate when numbers are so important in this game. You know, except for all those seasons where having numbers actually hurt the majority alliance. While Krista and Stephanie smirk like they have anything to be proud of, Julie says that, personally, she'd like to go into the merge with as many people on her side as possible. Probst decides to ask Stephanie for her opinion, thereby opening an annoying can of worms. In the most condescending way possible, Stephanie says the majority of her tribe seems to have forgotten that they're playing Survivor, and that Li'l Russell has played this game before and can be an asset to all of them. Right, because Li'l Russell did so much for his tribe the other two times he played. Stephanie's argument might work with someone like Rob, who's been working really hard to gain his tribe's trust and be an asset (on the surface, anyway), but not Li'l Russell. Stephanie says if the other six people want to be best friends, that's fine for now, but they will end up stabbing each other in the back.

At this point, David interrupts to say something, but Stephanie keeps right on speaking, scolding him with "I'm still talking, mouth is still moving, THANK YOU." "Feisty!" David says. He probably wouldn't have said that if Stephanie was a man, so they both come off like assholes there. Stephanie continues that they need numbers going into the merge to take out the other tribe, and with only two people over the other tribe, throwing a challenge and losing a member is "not strategy. It's plain stupidity." And then she sits back and shrugs like she's awesome. Which she isn't, because snapping at people in your tribe who have a majority alliance against you and alienating all of them even more is not strategy. It's plain stupidity.

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