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Strength vs. Loyalty

Hey, it's a Reward Challenge! I've missed you, two-challenge episodes. In this one, two tribe members stand on platforms in the water. The rest of the tribe holds up wood squares to make a temporary bridge for the platform-dwellers to move to a third platform. There are not enough squares to make a full bridge so the people in the water will have to do a lot of scrambling. Then everyone has to swim to a final, very small platform. All eight members have to be on or above the platform for the win. The reward is a local bushman coming to their camp. He will bring them food and also give them instruction on how to live off the land.

Both tribes rush out and untie their planks. The tribes are even as they transport the first two people, Brenda and Julia. Once the Fans get to the second platform, Laura joins in and slows them down a lot because they can't move from one plank to the next very quickly. The Favorites get a jump on the final phase and start climbing up the platform, but the Fans aren't far behind. Shamar just makes himself part of the platform and tells everyone to just climb on top of him. The Favorites get up there and start to tilt, but steady themselves for five seconds and win reward. Everyone jumps off and Shamar starts celebrating until everyone tells him that his team lost. Oops. I feel bad for him because he was seriously under a pile of humanity and probably when everyone started jumping off, he thought they won. It does speak to his inability to read the room that he didn't notice that no one else on his tribe seemed happy. That one didn't seem to be any one person's fault. Laura slowed them down a bit, but I don't know that those extra seconds would have made a difference. It seemed like they just had a bad plan for the platform, plus they have bigger people in general on their tribe, making it more of a challenge.

Probst tells the Favorites to get back to camp to meet their reward bushman, and tells the Fans to hit the bricks. Reynold, predictably, interviews that Laura caused them to lose they challenge and they should vote her off.

A bit later, the Favorites are hanging out in their camp when they see a gentleman rowing towards their beach. Brandon starts off the antics by hollering at everyone to look at their "little guy." I mean, he's short in stature, but Brandon's no giant. But that's just the beginning. As they help the man pull his catamaran onto the beach, someone (Corinne?) calls him "a Filipino Jesus!"

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