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Strength vs. Loyalty

Malcolm interviews that they weren't prepared for this little guy, and accurately describes him as "four feet tall, about sixty years old, knotted up with muscle, and he hits the beach and he doesn't mess around!" The guy's name is Tata (sp?) and he immediately starts showing them how to cook rice inside a bamboo pole. I don't know why this method would be better than in a pot, except maybe it's like a rice cooker and you can just put the stuff in, leave it for a while, and then it's done and it won't burn? Malcolm interviews that you can only understand half of what he's saying and he's like "a Filipino Gollum." I'm kind of offended by that, but then the editors show a shot of him crouching down and saying, "Veerry niiiiiiice, veeeery goooood" and damned if he doesn't look and sound just like Gollum.

They all stand around and try to understand what in the hell he's talking about, but while they are suffering, Tata cooks a fantastic meal for them with rice, chicken, and potatoes, and they are all grateful. Tata also shows them how to shore up their shelter and make it sturdier. And then he gets everyone playing some music with bamboo while he dances with all of the girls. Cochran jealously calls him a "bizarre little woodland creature." Okay, he's a human being. That's a bit much. Anyway, all of the ladies dance and kiss Tata on the cheek and Cochran makes a masturbation joke. Gross, Cochran. You are gross.

Over at the Fans camp, Shamar seems pretty jovial for someone who just lost. Mike interviews that the Favorites have won every reward and they have nothing. Shamar immediately goes back to sleep while Eddie and Reynold bitch about how lazy he is. When he wakes up, he says that he's exhausted and due to his size and the lack of food, he can't hack it. Then he says that he'll stay in the game and they will bring him rice once a day. Everyone is like, "Are you kidding me?" Except for Sherri, who admits that she doesn't even wait on her husband, but she's going to bring Shamar rice. Laura interviews that Shamar is claiming he has deep dark secrets from his time at war, and he probably is starving, but they're all starving and they're all sucking it up. Seriously. I would have no patience for that, and add his attitude problem on top of it? If I were Sherri, now that she's got Reynold and Eddie running scared, I would be making a Plan B. One that didn't include Shamar.

As he's lying there, Shamar tells Matt that he scratched his eyeball. Eddie interviews that it's always something with Shamar and he thinks everyone is ready to get rid of him, finally. The others stand around and talk about how good they could be as a tribe without Shamar, because he just brings drama to the tribe. Laura tells Sherri that she was hoping to put off the Shamar vote for as long as possible, but it's not looking possible for much longer.

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