Kill Or Be Killed

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Strength vs. Loyalty

That night, the Fans are miserable in their shelter, which isn't even much of a shelter. There's a bit rainstorm, and they're all huddled together trying to keep out of the wind. And then a bunch of rats head for higher ground and crawl right over them. Michael interviews that they had a hard night with the storm and the rats and they're all scratched up and hungry. And now they think Shamar's going to quit. Shamar sits at the edge of the shelter rocking back and forth.

As they discuss how real Shamar's injury is, Reynold thinks that Shamar is a Marine and he should suck it up. Shamar walks down near the beach to wait for the medic alone. Probst and the medics show up, and Shamar says that something's wrong with his eye. The super chipper medic shows up and says she's going to look at his eye. She peels back his eyelid and sees how red his eye is. It's bad. She puts some dye into his eye so that she can see if he has an abrasion on his cornea. Probst talks to Shamar about the highs and lows of being on the show, and Shamar says he's done his best but he's in a lot of pain. The medic sees a divot on his cornea and says they can't treat it in the camp and it could affect his vision; she wants to pull him from the game.

Probst, ever sensitive, asks Shamar if he feels bad since he's basically screwing his tribe in terms of challenges and even just in numbers. Shamar says he can't risk his vision. And let's face it, he wanted to leave anyway. Probst calls the tribe over and says Shamar's being pulled, and Shamar says that he knows his tribe cares about his well-being. Was that sarcastic? Did they already give him painkillers? As Shamar takes off on the boat, Reynold interviews that he was wrong, and Shamar's injury is serious. That said, Reynold is still happy to see Shamar go. Frankly, everyone kind of is, including Matt and Mike. Sherri quickly reaffirms that they still plan to get rid of Reynold or Eddie at their next Tribal, and Matt says they do.

Immunity Challenge! The Favorites find out that Shamar was medically evacuated, and there are only seven fans left to the Favorites' nine. The Challenge involves each tribe member swimming out to a giant platform, and then jumping off the platform while swinging at and breaking a tile, which will release a key. They swim back with the key and the next person goes, until they have collected five keys. The remaining two tribe members use the five keys to open three locks on a chest containing sandbags, and then throw the sandbags at many, many blocks on a beam. Once all of the blocks have been knocked off the beam, that team wins.

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