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Strength vs. Loyalty

The first two tribe members head out - Erik for the Favorites and Sherri for the Fans. Instead of just going straight out into the water, they have to run out a bridge that consists of multiple squares tenuously attached to one another and, predictably, they fall down. A lot. And then have to crawl to the first platform, where they can finally dive off and just swim. Erik gets to the platform first and he's got his key and is heading back before Sherri has jumped. And then when Sherri does jump, she clips the edge of the tile but fails to get the key. Oops. So she has to climb up again, which is exhausting. My favorite part of this challenge is watching people haul ass out into the water, confident that unlike everyone before them, they will be able to run across that bridge. And then they fall, pretty spectacularly.

The Favorites end up almost one whole person ahead of the Fans due to Sherri's mistake, so they are ready to start unlocking their chest while Michael still has to retrieve the final key for the Fans. Phillip is the designated tosser for the Favorites, and he starts throwing before Michael is even back. Phillip has probably half of the blocks gone before Reynold even starts tossing for the Fans. Reynold manages to make up some ground, though. He gets down to five blocks when Phillip only has one, but Phillip finally manages to get that last blocks and the Favorites win. Again. Who knew Phillip had such a great arm? And was such a Challenge monster? I don't remember him being such a Challenge monster in his previous season, but maybe there was heavier competition.

The Fans return to camp and talk about how close the challenge was. Matt congratulates Reynold on his superior effort, and thinks it was amazing that they caught up as much as they did. Matt adds that it sucks that they're going to lose two people in one day. Eddie interviews that he and Reynold know they're on the outs, and they need to figure out a new plan quickly or one of them is going home tonight. Are they just figuring this out? Or are they thinking that with Shamar gone, they might have a chance to swing things around?

Matt and Michael take a walk into the jungle, probably to discuss their next move. Reynold and Eddie talk about how everyone is going to try to blindside him because he has an Idol, and Eddie says that obviously they're going to vote him out, since he doesn't. Laura just stands there, listening.

Michael tells Matt that they only reason they were even close in that challenge was because of him, Reynold, and Eddie. So Michael thinks they should vote out Laura. That may be the smartest thing to do in terms of winning challenge, but is it the smartest thing to do strategically? Laura is loyal. She will stick with them at a merge. Reynold and Eddie will peel off in a hot second. Matt agrees that they have to win challenges and Eddie and Reynold are the strongest. Michael interviews that he knew their alliance wasn't made of strong people, but he trusts Laura more than Eddie, and he also doesn't want to leave "Mr. Awesome" in the tribe with the Idol. That's another good point. They should at least try to flush out the Idol while they still have the numbers.

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