Kill Or Be Killed

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Strength vs. Loyalty

Matt pulls Reynold aside and says they want to vote out Laura. Reynold thinks they could be setting him up so he won't play the Idol, like Laura did last time. Matt understands, but he also knows that Reynold is the only reason they've even been close in challenges. Reynold isn't buying it and Matt says he doesn't need to - he can just play his Idol if he thinks he'll get the votes. Reynold interviews the most obvious information of all - he can play the Idol and stay safe, but if he plays the Idol and they vote for Laura, he's wasted his Idol. Wow, thanks for stating the obvious, Mr. Awesome.

Laura, Julia, and Sherri sit in the shelter and talk about possibly splitting the vote again. Laura interviews that she knows that Reynold and Eddie are throwing her name around, and she knows they think she sucks at challenges. Because she does. Matt and Sherri have a strategy talk and Matt reveals that they want to get rid of Laura. Sherri tries to talk him out of it by pointing out that they haven't won any challenges WITH Reynold and Eddie either, and then she interviews that she doesn't want to see her alliance fall apart and she's also uncomfortable with the idea of picking off the weak, since she's not as strong as any of the guys.

Sherri asks Julia if she's okay with the idea of them being the last two girls standing, knowing that the guys are voting to keep the strong players. Meanwhile, Laura asks Michael how they're voting and Michael sort of dodges the question and says maybe they should do a boys/girls split vote like last time. Michael reiterates the choice in an interview: keep the tribe strong for challenges, or keep their alliance strong, and he doesn't think there's a right or wrong answer. Hmm. I still think it's dumb to keep around a guy who's great at challenges and also has an Idol, in the long term.

Tribal Council. Probst asks Matt how it feels to have Shamar gone, and Matt says that they miss him in the challenges. Probst asks Sherri if she misses Shamar. Sherri thinks about it for a while and says she misses him being part of their alliance. Reynold says that there's a strong alliance of five, and they don't want to splinter, but he thinks they won't win any challenges without him and Eddie. Laura says that Reynold has a good point but tonight's vote is about whether they prioritize physical strength or loyalty. Probst asks how she would make a case for herself, and Laura says that she hopes they know each other well enough now to trust one another. Reynold shakes his head and says they're all talking about trust, but they are going to trust one another and keep losing challenges.

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