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Strength vs. Loyalty

Probst points out that Reynold almost single-handedly brought their team back today, and Sherri points out that they're still losing. Probst explicates that she's saying that they shouldn't break up their alliance since there's no guarantee that keeping Reynold and Eddie will equal wins. That's exactly my point. Eddie says that if they get rid of the weakest person and start winning, they don't have to come back to Tribal. Okay, but that's still predicated on winning. Eddie thinks Sherri and Laura are the weaker players, with Laura being the weakest.

Laura points out that the tribe will probably be jumbled up soon, and Eddie and Reynold probably wouldn't be loyal to their alliance in the future. Eddie admits that he's been screwed over by his tribe, but also vows that if he doesn't get voted out, his attitude will change.

Everyone votes, and then Reynold plays his Idol. I bet now they are wishing they voted him out. Although he's not as dangerous to keep around now that he doesn't have an Idol, I guess. The first two votes are for Laura (Reynold and Eddie) and the next is for Reynold (from Laura). The next vote is for Laura, and she bugs her eyes out in surprise. The next vote is also for Laura, so she's history. If they don't win next week's challenge, this could be a huge disaster. At least it will be interesting, I guess. It's been kind of blah so far. Anyway, looks like everyone except Laura voted for her, so at least they are sort of unified? Maybe?

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