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Probst takes all this in and comes up with Tom being someone who "won't shut up and just do." Tom disagrees, saying that the only person who really "shuts up and does" is James when it comes to voting, as he'll just vote how his alliance tells him to. "If he's quiet during the challenges, it's probably 'cause he doesn't know what's going on," Tom says. Hee hee hee. Meanwhile, James just sits there and fumes but says nothing in response to Tom because he only snaps at women. Probst asks J.T. if Tom is responsible for the tribe's many losses. J.T. says he doesn't think so, adding that no one person can be responsible for their losses since they all lost together. Probst then asks Tom if he's worried that he's going home tonight. Tom says he thinks he is, unless "a couple of good people" vote in a way that will benefit the entire tribe (but most especially Tom himself), i.e. they get rid of James. I like how Tom only thinks people are "good" if they help him win a million dollars. He says if people vote for him instead of James, then they're just voting to keep the numbers. James says if people honestly think that Tom is stronger than him, they should vote him out tonight because he just wants them to win, y'all.

With that, we vote. Tom votes for James, saying "all mass, no class." Oh snap, no crap. James votes for Tom, but doesn't have any clever rhymes to accompany it. Probst returns with the urn and reads the votes. Tom gets the first two, then James gets two. And then Tom gets the rest, so I guess Candice was full of it after all and J.T. thinks it's a good idea to get rid of a fellow past winner. I thought he switched his alliance last week to keep another first place finisher in the game, but I guess he was so threatened by Cirie and so confident that her alliance would forgive him for it that he risked his spot in the game to vote her out. And so far, it seems to have worked.

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