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Chocolate Lovers

Back on land, Li'l Russell, WHO NEVER LEARNS, tells Parvati that he has the idol. She giggles, and then interviews that this makes her position stronger, which she desperately needs since she knows her tribe is against her. She says Li'l Russell is a good ally to have, only for him to kind of ruin things by telling her to just sit back and ride his coattails, which is all women are good for according to Li'l Russell. Parvati says she doesn't do that. "You will," Li'l Russell says. Yeah. We'll see. Please come through for me, Parvati. Li'l Russell then decides that their next move is to somehow rope Douche into their evil plan to blindside Rob. Which they can't exactly do right now since Rob knows they have the idol and surely Li'l Russell must know that everyone knows he has it since he was so freaking obvious about looking for it, but whatever. Li'l Russell approaches Douche and tells him that he, and thus "they," have the idol. Douche pretends to be surprised and happy and just listens as Li'l Russell tells him his plan to take the idol into the merge and then use it to blindside someone, even if it means giving it to Douche to use. We then cut to a giddy Douche in an interview: "wow! I mean, this is crazy!" Hee hee hee. This show is turning into The Office with all the hilarious reaction cutaways. Oh, but then things are ruined for me when Douche buys into Li'l Russell's plan, saying that while he wants to play the game with Rob, he's honored that Li'l Russell trusted him with his idol non-secret. He says he just can't betray the trust of someone who offers him loyalty. Damn it. I forgot that Douche is totally insecure. Douche then bows to Li'l Russell and asks him to "knight" him. Li'l Russell touches the top of Douche's head, but Douche insists that he do it the proper way, which is tapping on Douche's shoulders with his hand in lieu of a sword (they could have used the machete to add some authenticity, but Li'l Russell threw it away). Douche should be ashamed of himself, but we all know he isn't because he has no shame. This all feeds very well into Li'l Russell's ego.

Back at the chocolate-less Heroes camp, the women are so very sad. Candice is upset about losing the chocolate. Amanda is sad about possibly losing James. But Dr. Candice reassures her that James is probably okay, and "it's just a ligament." Don't "just a ligaments" often need surgery to fix? And, like, months of recovery time? Amanda says if James has to leave the game, it'll be the second time he's been taken out by an injury. Hopefully that will tell the producers that James is too fragile for a game like this and he won't get a fourth season. Amanda starts crying about how much James wants to be in this game and she thinks of him as a protective older brother. Ugh. Remember that one time in the reward challenge when Amanda wasn't whiny and helpless? While she hopes for his return, J.T. and Rupert start to believe that he's not coming back at all, as he's been gone for such a long time at this point. Tom interviews that he doesn't want someone to get hurt, but then again, he and James don't exactly get along and if James goes, it can only help Tom's position, so ...

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