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We open with the producers' attempt to reframe the season we just saw the way that they wished we had seen it. For example, Phillip was not just a super annoying guy, but one of the biggest characters to ever play the game! Malcolm was not a fratty bro, but a hero! Brandon wasn't mentally ill and deserving of our compassion and/or assistance - he's a villain! And the Fans tribe weren't just a bunch of aspiring models and actors cast for their ability to look good in skimpy swimwear - they're superfans with great knowledge of the game! Come on, guys.

I'm getting so tired of Probst and the other producers' treating viewers like idiots with no other sources of information than what they tell us. After this many seasons and in the age of Twitter and Facebook, that's inexcusable. People know how the show is cast now. People know the conceit of next season, and some people even know the cast already - check the spoiler thread if our forums if you want to know. People know how the reunion was bullshit (I'll get to that in the next recap in more detail). So for them to act like they hold all of the information in an airtight vault - it's just insulting. It's time for them to start interacting with the fans instead of insulting us. Gah.

The part that the producers do portray accurately is how the Stealth R Us alliance dominated the game in the early going, although they make it out like Phillip was calling all of the shots when we know it was more like Andrea and Cochran convincing Phillip that he was calling all of the shots. But I guess that doesn't fit in with their storyline of Cochran as underdog. Most of the rest of this you already know if you watched the season, and if you're reading this I'm going to assume you did. Basically, it was really boring until Malcolm started stirring things up with the Hidden Immunity Idols, and then Malcolm left and the blindsides began.

So, to set up tonight's episode, Erik is losing it due to lack of food and just mental anguish. Eddie is the only one left from his alliance, and probably going to leave soon. Dawn lost her dentures and threatened to quit the game, and Brenda got them for her, and then Dawn voted her out. THAT BITCH! Just kidding. I still don't really get why Dawn owed Brenda anything. Also, Sherri and Cochran are left but Sherri's a non-entity, and Cochran...well, you'll see.

Right after Tribal Council, Erik kind of collapses as they leave. Everyone gathers around him as he explains that his head is spinning. Probst shows up. Cochran interviews that Erik looked dazed and dizzy, and Erik says that everything is spinning and he needs to lie down. The medics show up and take his blood pressure. One of them tells Probst that he's worried Erik is in "a starvation state" and his body has been pushed to the limit. He's also worried, due to the dizziness, that there's not enough blood getting to Erik's head. Are we sure this guy is a doctor? Because that seems like something any yahoo could figure out. Also, why are the medics always Australian? I just picture Crocodile Dundee wearing scrubs.

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