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Michael gets up and says that he knew Dawn and Cochran were working as a team, and he doesn't think it's quite fair that Dawn is getting the brunt of the attacks when she and Cochran made all the same moves. Dawn says that she developed the relationships that got them the information they needed to take people out at the right time. Michael prompts her, "So he doesn't have as much blood on his hands?" Dawn agrees and adds that she doesn't know if Cochran would be there if she hadn't done the work of getting people to tell her things.

Michael asks if he thinks Dawn is getting a fair shake, and Cochran says he's honestly being happy that people have venom towards Dawn and everyone laughs. Cochran says that he and Dawn had a symbiotic relationship; she needed him to act as therapist or she would've flamed out much earlier. It's true - if he hadn't talked her down multiple times, she would've made some dumb moves out of panic. I do think that Dawn's skillset is downplayed, but it was just as necessary, and I'm glad that Michael brought it up, though.

Reynold gets up and tells Dawn that he never liked her because she was "disingenuine." Aw, it's so cute that Reynold tried to use a big word and almost got it right. Dawn says that she's not aware that people think she's phony. Reynold asks to hear Dawn's honest opinion of him in three adjectives. And she can't do it! She can't get herself to honestly assess Reynold. He adds that he knows what she told other people, so she might as well. She finally says that he's kind of chauvinistic, he has a great sense of humor, and he's vulgar. Reynold believes her compliment because he told her the truth with the other parts. Dawn tries to make it out like she appreciates his honesty, when she should just tell him to sit down and stop talking. Anyway, he makes her says that she kicked all of their asses and she liked it a little bit. Dawn, don't give in to his jackassery.

Andrea tells them all that she's not bitter and she thought their blindside of her was awesome. She asks Cochran to name what animal he played the game most like, and he says "a chameleon." Great answer. He explains how he adapted to different situations at the right time. Andrea is proud of Dawn, and thinks they played a similar game, using their connections to get further.

Brenda starts by telling Cochran that they bonded over the family visit and then he voted her out, so she wonders why she should vote for him now. Cochran says that he's kind of a sociopath with his ability to separate friendship and gameplay, and it worries him, but that's what he did. He was very grateful for her sacrifice, and yet he also knew that she was a huge threat to his game and had to be taken out.

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