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While Joe randomly collects leaves nearby, Carolina apologizes to Sandy for hurting her feelings when she wrote her name down in the beginning of the game. Then, showing that she still has no concept of the things she says or how she comes across, Carolina says "I just wish we didn't lose so you didn't have to home." You can see on Sandy's face exactly when she realizes what Carolina just said to her and considers tearing her head off and eating it. But she stays in control and says if she goes tonight, "that's just the way it is." Sandy interviews that she hopes she'll make it through the vote tonight, but doesn't have much hope. She goes off to search for the idol again, this time digging under a tree that is neither ten paces from the stick nor a palm. Sigh.

JalapeƱo arrive at Tribal Council. Probst glares at them before giving his fire equals life speech. They sit, and he opens by asking Sandy how she felt about being voted out by her tribe five minutes into the game for being too old. Sandy repeats that she was pissed. Probst turns to JT and asks him how the tribe felt after getting stuck with the person they thought they voted out and then her getting a free ride to camp. JT says they didn't know what to expect, but hoped that Sandy would be waiting for them with at least some firewood.

Probst asks Cindy if she also expected Sandy to have done some work at camp before the rest of the tribe arrived. Cindy doesn't really answer the question, just saying that Sandy was very friendly when they arrived, but the next day isolated herself and went off on walks and didn't do much around camp. Sandy claims that she needed the time to collect her idol thoughts so she could be nothing be positive back at camp. Probst again reminds Sandy that her tribe thinks she's an old lady (as if Probst himself isn't closer to Sandy's age than he is to anyone else in that tribe) and asks if she made an effort to change that. Sandy says no, since she's an old lady no matter what. She just wanted to show them that there's room for an old lady in the tribe and they can all be her children. The rest of the tribe laugh uncomfortably. "Sandy, you a little crazy?" Probst asks. That's an unfair question. Sandy replies that she's a "lot crazy" and used to people reacting to her as such. "I don't know why, but I like it," she claims. She didn't like it when it got her voted out.

We still aren't done talking about Sandy, as Probst turns to Carolina and asks her if it's fair to vote Sandy out for being old. When you're voting based on first impressions and there's nothing else to go by, I'd say it is. Carolina just says it isn't fair, but it is "smart." And Carolina doesn't appear to have done many smart things in her life, so she should be proud of this one. Probst asks her what she thinks people's first impressions of her were. "I'm very boisterous," Sandy says, confusing "boisterous" with "bossy." She admits to being opinionated and perhaps too demanding. And perhaps sometimes her "directness" comes across as whiny. It's not the directness, Carolina. It's your voice. Take it down an octave, please. Carolina says she should check herself before she wrecks herself. Spencer nods hugely.

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