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Time to reveal who the black tribe, Tempura, voted out. Sierra gets the first two votes, the second, of course, from Douche. The first one came from the Other Blonde in the tribe, who says Sierra just looked really hot on the way over. Sierra opens her mouth in surprise or maybe she's just trying to make extra room to accommodate her increasingly swollen tonsils. Before the voting is even over, she decides to reveal her Shocking Secret of having strep throat. For some reason, Taj drops her jaw in surprise at this. Maybe she, like me, is wondering how Sierra could be so stupid as to reveal something like that that is sure to get her kicked out in three days if she isn't voted out now. Or maybe Taj made out with Sierra on the plane ride over and is now concerned about getting the strep herself. She'd better not! SWV has re-formed, and we need Taj's throat in fine working order. Erinn also votes for Sierra, and like Spencer, she already knows Sierra's name. The next vote is for Erinn. Ha ha! Candace's vote is for "blonde girl with jeans and striped shirt," which she says while pointing at Sierra as if there was any doubt. I hope Candace continues to vote like this in the Tribal Councils. Jerry's vote is also for Sierra, so that's it for her. She looks like she's about to cry as she makes her way to Probst. She's more diplomatic than Sandy, saying she had a lot to bring to the team. Then she says she has a 102 degree fever, so not really. Surely, they're all standing there right now thinking "we are so golden to get rid of the girl with the fever who can't do anything and who could have gotten us all sick, too." Guess she didn't do such a great job of hiding her sickness after all, since almost everyone voted for her even though there's a ponytailed douchebag they could have gotten rid of first.

Probst tells Sandy and Sierra not to feel too bad just yet, since when he said the person voted out would not take part in this adventure, he did not mean the adventure of Survivor -- he meant the adventure of the shitty four-hour hike. Yay! That means Sandy's still in it to win it! She and Sierra will get to camp via a helicopter. "Thank you, god!" Sandy says. Might want to tone down the happiness at your tribemate's expense there, Sandy. While the Faux Pas Trumpets play, Probst reminds her that this is a social game, and her tribe clearly hates her and will only resent her more when they're carrying all of the supplies for the next four hours. She'll have a lot of work to do in the next three days. Sierra isn't smiling, probably because she was a little bit relieved to be out of this game and allowed to suffer through her illness in a nice warm comfy bed. With that, Probst sends the contestants off. He insists on calling the helicopter a "bird," which is lame. By the way, isn't it just a little bit unfair that we didn't get to see how all of the contestants voted? That kind of gives them an advantage, since they don't have to give away who in their tribe they'd get rid of first and thus have been spared the wrath of that person.

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