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The Sandy Show

The next morning, JalapeƱo gets to work on their new shelter. All except for Sandy, who's sitting around not helping at all. Carolina thinks she's helping by suggesting that they try to make chairs out of their shelter supplies. "Do you think that's gonna be worth it?" Blonde asks. Carolina then suggests that they get the shelter built as soon as possible so they can relax. JT just laughs, because duh. And because he's the one building the shelter this whole time while Carolina relaxes. Carolina interviews that she's very vocal about her opinions and hopes her tribe understands how important shelter is. Idiot. Of course they do! You're the one who wants a chair!

Meanwhile, Sandy announces her intention to take a dump and walks off. She tells us that she cleverly bought herself a few minutes to look for the idol. And isolate herself from her tribe again. But anyway, this time on the beach she finds the stick that was mentioned in the clue. She's not completely stupid to have overlooked it yesterday, since I saw her digging next to a different stick that they must have put there to make things more difficult. Sure enough, she tearfully digs up another clue telling her to walk ten paces towards "the lone palm tree" and then dig. Sounds simple enough to me, but not so fast - "I wonder what a pace is?" Sandy says. Uh oh.

Back at camp, the JalapeƱos notice that Sandy's been gone a while now. They don't seem to mind too much, although one guy notes that she's being antisocial. Hear that hammering sound, Sandy? It's the nails in your coffin.

Meanwhile, Sandy has managed to figure out that a pace is a footstep, but that won't help her the least little bit since she isn't walking towards the lone palm tree. It would appear that she doesn't know what "lone" or "palm tree" mean, either. How did Sandy even manage to audition for this show? Wouldn't she have had to figure out where the open auditions were being held or how to use a video camera?

Tempura's out of water on Day 2. They probably sweated out just as many fluids in the effort to carry those jugs to camp as they got from the extra drinking water. Sierra, the Other Blonde (named Debbie), and Tyson head down to get some more water from their lake. Once they arrive, Tyson decides that it's a good idea to strip naked for no reason in front of two women he barely knows. This kind of thing would make me feel uncomfortable, but the blondes just laugh while semi-averting their eyes. Tyson interviews that since he's from Utah, people might expect him to be all buttoned up and straight-laced with "nerdy glasses," but he's not the "stereotypical Mormon." Actually, he kind of is. Every Mormon I've ever seen on a reality show has been kooky and trying way too hard. And since when did the stereotypical Mormon have bad eyesight? Tyson continues that he's a free spirit. Free spirits don't feel the need to show off. Tyson says he thinks making people laugh will help him in this game, which he wants to win so he can have furs and rings and "a tiara. A man-tiara." Okay, I kind of like him again. His hands full of water jug, Tyson does the crazy naked guy shuffle back to the beach. I see Douche has arrived to see the show at this point as well. Of course.

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