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The Sandy Show

Cindy and Spencer start the maze and have trouble working together to move the peg. Tempura soon finish their stairs and Erinn and Brandon start the maze. They do a much better job with the peg and soon take the lead. And then, they're done. Tempura wins, which sucks because there's no way Sandy is surviving tribal council and there's no way she found the idol, either. Damn.

The loser Jalapeños return to camp. Carolina interviews that it sucks that they lost and have to vote Sandy out, but she also thinks they can learn something from this that will help them. She goes swimming with Taj, Stephen, and Sandy and complains that Jalapeño never finishes any of their "little projects." Wait, what? It's day three! What's she expecting? Bob? That's last season, sweetheart. Taj sets Carolina straight, saying that they can't finish everything at once when they're dehydrated and hungry. Meanwhile, Stephen almost drowns himself in two feet of water. As Mactor 1, Joe, looks on, Carolina keeps talking about all the work they should be doing. Taj interviews that as soon as they returned to camp after losing their first challenge, Carolina started in on them saying they need to "clean up." "Clean up the outdoors? Are you kidding me?" she says.

After everyone else leaves except Sandy, Taj, and Carolina, Taj informs Carolina that she has a tendency to get whiny and should calm down because she's causing tension. Carolina says she "totally agrees." That doesn't mean she actually gets it, as she keeps on whining and causing tension. In an interview, Carolina says she took Taj's advice to heart and knows that she has a tendency to "get opinionated." She says she'll be more careful in the future to hold back.

But it might be too late for that, as Spencer and Cindy go off to get water and discuss voting Carolina out instead of Sandy. Yay! Spencer rightly points out that Sandy did a great job on the stairs and deserves to stay. Spencer interviews that his first impression of Sandy was wrong and he doesn't want that to be the basis of his vote tonight. I have a feeling Spencer might be too nice and naïve for his own good. Joe seems to agree, as he walks up and tells the others about how "Carolyn" got all bossy and blamey as soon as they returned from the challenge. This rubs JT the wrong way, and he says she can finish stuff herself if it's that important to her. Joe interviews that he's not sure who will be less useful in challenges and worse for camp morale between Sandy and "Carolyn." He thinks Carolina's bossiness is going to get old. Does Sandy have a chance here? I doubt it, but it's nice of the editors to try to make us think so.

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