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In exactly that way that people with poor social skills have of being right and being really annoying at the same time, Anthony smirks that he's sorry if he irritates Rocky, and that he has no idea what it is he's doing that's irritating. But then, out of Rocky's presence, in a very uncomfortable interview to watch, Anthony talks about how he's had "very little self-esteem" all his life. Suddenly, I don't like him either. He talks about being picked on and being insecure, and then we watch Rocky berate him some more about how Jessica and Erica were both better players than Anthony. This, of course, makes you wonder why Rocky made no effort to save either of them and actually participated in the ouster of Erica. I think Rocky is the first person ever to claim to be the victim of his own machinations. Except maybe Lex. Anyway, we go back to Anthony's interview, where he's now crying that he's not doing that well in challenges, but that if they want him gone, they'll have to force him, sniffling, "There's no way in hell I'm giving up." Oh, Anthony, no. That's not how you want to react to a bully, seriously. Man, woman, child, dog -- you can't get all boo-hoo from a bully who basically walks up and gives you two for flinching. You'll never survive that way.

Credits. I see dead skeletons.

On Day 9, it's another beautiful morning at Moto, where every morning is beautiful and every reality-show premise is watered down. Lisi and Stacy swim around in the water like the spoiled guppies they are, and Stacy gasses on about how beautiful it is over here at Couch Camp. Lisi brags about how great Moto is and how great they're doing, not that her challenge-skipping ass has had much to do with the winning streak. Lisi introduces a new plotline when she interviews that there's a "bond" between her, Stacy, Boo, Alex, and Edgardo. So that would be a majority, with the outsiders being Gary, "Dreamz," Cassandra, and Liliana (who actually exists, as you may have heard). Lisi says it's "almost been unspoken," which is weird, since we just saw her refer to "the five musketeers" while talking to Stacy. I'm not sure she knows what "unspoken" means, which wouldn't be surprising, since "compassion" and "class" and some other things also seem to be foreign concepts. Lisi says that the five of them "come together" in this beautiful -- and presumably self-preserving -- way. You can tell this is an alliance that has gone completely untested to this point, because that's the only time people talk about an alliance like this, like they're in the reality-show version of Hoosiers. It's all fine right up until you have to actually do something. Out in the water, Stacy talks about how Ravu must be doing really poorly, and Lisi's all cocky with her take-no-prisoners "whatever," as if -- again -- she's been any part of the reason Moto is dominating. I think her best contribution has been her willingness to sit out without complaint.

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