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Anthony and Earl go for a walk. Anthony tells us that he knows there's a target on his back should the team wind up at tribal council again, and he just feels like he has to do his best to stay in the game. He also says that he thinks the way to deal with Rocky is to let him talk and talk and make himself seem like a total idiot. I think I approve of Anthony's plan, although the problem is that a good part of Anthony's tribe currently is made up of Rocky, people who are too dumb not to follow Rocky (Mookie) and people who are either savvy enough or blank enough to settle down and stay out of it, and therefore aren't going to turn on Rocky just because he's dumb (Earl, Yau Man, Michelle). For his part, Earl tells us that it's getting more difficult for him to "look out for" Anthony, even though Earl himself likes the guy and thinks he's a good guy. But clearly not so good that Earl wants to go down with Anthony if there's nothing that can be done, which is exactly right. Earl says that he's still "devising the plan."

Meanwhile, on Exile Island, Yau Man receives a clue essentially informing him of the location of the idol, even more than the clue Sylvia got last time, which is really saying something. What it's saying is basically "If you don't find it now, then I just don't even feel sorry for you." Yau Man says that he's not unhappy about being sent to the island; in fact, he's happy for his shot at finding the idol, although like everyone else who has seen the idol-in-camp clues, he doesn't know how to find a time to dig by himself out of the presence of the rest of the team. He does think he needs it, though.

Moto, Night 9. Massage intrigue begins as Edgardo receives a night-vision massage from Liliana. Apparently, Edgardo was thinking of a dirty massage, because when he receives an actual massage, he gets all, "It's a sports massage!," making clear that the actual muscle-mashing thing was not what he had in mind. He was just looking for the touchy-touchy a little bit. And, really, aren't we all? Liliana says something about taking her shirt off, and the tribe chuckles. Except for Lisi, who is lying around being angry at Liliana for getting attention that Lisi clearly finds threatening. Lisi tells us that "sometimes, guys aren't hip to the ways that chicks maneuver," but -- get this: "Liliana tries to be so sneaky, but I'm Latin, and knowing my people the way that I do, I see what she's doing. I know in her little diabolical Mexican mind [!!], she's trying to come up with something, you know?" That phrase was "diabolical Mexican mind," in case you're wondering. In case, you know, you'd like to float that one at a cocktail party. Now, Liliana is receiving a massage, and Lisi isn't happy about that, either. Unfortunately, Lisi comes off in this sequence as bitterly jealous and threatened, because not only is it ridiculous to use phrases like "diabolical Mexican mind," but it's ridiculous to be in an alliance with men you think are such absurd flakes that they would stop working with you and change their votes because they get a massage -- sports or otherwise.

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