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Moto, Day 10. The fire burns. Everyone else is asleep, but Gary is up, and he's miserable. He tells us that he can't do anything at all -- "can't function," because of the way his head is feeling. You might think it's the beginning of a prescription-drug commercial, but it's not. Alex checks on Gary, who's just absolutely wrecked. He tells Alex that this is way worse than the time he had malaria. Yeesh. It kind of feels like Gary is going to keep naming things -- "This is worse than Vietnam," "this is worse than malaria," "this is worse than that time the bat gnawed my hand off." I'm not really looking forward to where we're going with it. The medical team pays another visit to Gary. He tells them again that his head is swimming and that he can't get a deep breath. They have him lie down, and they check his blood pressure, as "Dreamz" interviews that Gary is one of the few people he digs on the tribe, so he wasn't happy about this at all. I like how they all sort of feel like they have to explain that they liked Gary before they can say that they didn't want him to keel over. Like humanity alone doesn't merit that level of devotion. Gary's blood pressure proves relatively normal, so the medical team can't really locate anything urgent. But of course, he feels horrible, and they basically say that they've done everything for him that they can in this setting, and that if he needs more care than this, they're going to have to pull him off the island on the boat. Gary doesn't hesitate much in saying that he will indeed need to do that, and they call for the stretcher and the boat. Gary said later in an offscreen interview that what he had was a severe allergic reaction to the bug bites, which seems plausible, based on the appearance of his legs. He said that once they shot him full of antitoxins, he did much better. If that's the case, then there certainly wasn't a lot he could do about it. ["It does seem odd, though, that anti-bug-bite stuff isn't in the medical team members' emergency kits." -- Wing Chun] Lisi offers this lovely sentiment as the medical evacuation continues: "I'm not so concerned about whether Gary stays in the game. Quite frankly, one less [sic] person means better odds for all of us." She's just unhappy that more people can't have a medical crisis! She'd love to be on Survivor Chronic Illness. Gary is placed on the stretcher and carried to the medical boat, and the tribe gathers on the beach to wave goodbye. Alex is good enough to tell us that he doesn't "feel good" about losing Gary to illness. That's big of him: "Yeah, I'm not happy about the old dude being practically dead." Alex goes on to say that if they lose the immunity challenge, they could be at a 7-7 tie with Ravu, luxury and winning streak or no luxury and winning streak. It's unusual to see anyone's eye on the ball at this point, but Alex's head is there so far.

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