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When we come back from commercials, we've skipped ahead a bit, and it's Day 11 at Ravu. We watch Rocky snooze on his back, silhouetted against a sunset like he's something far more dramatic and interesting than he actually is, and then he interviews that he's "been going crazy," in case you missed the part where he threw things against the wall of the cave. He tells us that he wants to get the tribe "fired up" so that they can break their losing streak. He wants, he says, to "lead by example." When Michelle and Rita return to camp with the day's treemail, Rocky takes his first shot at "leading by example" when he walks up to the tribe buck naked as Michelle is trying to read the clue. As she's still talking, Rocky walks up to her and puts a hand on her shoulder, and she tries to keep her eyes on the clue and turns away, putting her hand up toward his face. Of course, his midsection is blurred out. I really hate this walking-around-naked shit. Really hate it. It's such a showoffy, aggressive, hostile way to treat people. It's a way of insisting that the rules of the public space are going to be as you say, and no one else can say anything about it. I really, really do not like it, just as I really didn't like it when Hatch did it. People mutter uncomfortably, and Rocky walks away. Rita makes a face and says in an interview that she only caught a glimpse, which she's grateful for. "Not a pretty sight," she says. See, you can make that joke, but even when you make a good joke, you seem to lose, because everyone knows that you wouldn't even be there talking about some guy waving his dick at you except that he forced you to be there. Next, Rocky gets it into his head to put on one of the girls' bathing suit tops, so he dons a pink bikini top and, of course, stuffs it with coconuts. Because nothing is funnier than an in-your-face dick, unless it's the hilarity of appearing in drag. This is like Drunk College Party's Greatest Hits, but it's not really the fun hits. It's the hits from at about 10:30 at night, when there's only the one guy drunk, and everybody else is starting to think the party kind of sucks. Rocky insists that he's "trying to make everybody laugh." He interviews that he wants to take the focus off of their losses, but fails to add "by shifting it back to myself, where it belongs."

We adjourn to a challenge beach. Jeff compliments Rocky on the pink top, apparently unimpressed. Rocky says that he wore it for Jeff, which is really pretty aggressively sexy for a guy who's this concerned about acting like a man. "Ravu has a great attitude for not having won anything," Jeff bitchily observes. I really wish someone had said "That's the way I hear you always are about the Emmys over the last five years, Jeff." Yau Man is brought back from Exile Island. When Moto returns, Ravu is informed about Gary's exit, and they all gasp, much more concerned about him than Moto was while he was almost dying. Jeff informs the entire group that Gary has definitely left the game, so Moto is down one person. But enough with the ill and needy. On with the screwing around! Jeff takes back immunity, placing it "up for grabs" yet again. He stabs it definitively into the ground. Immunity is pointy.

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