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In this challenge, four tribe members will start out locked in a series of floating cages. At the start, one person will run out from the beach with the key to the first cage, and that person will swim to that first cage and unlock the first person. The unlocked person has a key already, and will then head across those floating things that Jeff calls "lily pads," until they unlock the second locked-up person. You keep this up until you rescue the fourth and final person, and then that fourth person and the third person (who lets him or her out) get into a boat where another tribe member is already stationed. Those three paddle back, picking up the unlocked but still stranded people along the way. Back on shore, the challenge becomes even more convoluted, as you form a pyramid (like in cheerleading), and the top person unlocks one last cage with one last person in it, and then you're done. Jeff also announces that the challenge has a twist, which is revealed in a note that's inside a bottle that the winning tribe will open after the challenge is over. So: swimming, lily pads, unlocking, paddling, moving people into the baot, and building a pyramid. Those are the elements. Moto sits out Lisi, because it sat out Cassandra last time.

The tribes take their places, all spread out in boats and cages. The first runners/swimmers are Rocky for Ravu and Edgardo for Moto. Edgardo smokes Rocky from the beginning in the swimming (he looks longer-limbed and more muscle-wrapped than Rocky), not to mention the fact that Rocky loses his key in the water and has to fish it out before he can free Yau Man. Why is Yau Man trying to run the lily pads? That doesn't seem smart. And indeed, "Dreamz" is way ahead of Yau Man. Both have to crawl across the lily pads in the end, but "Dreamz" gets there faster. He unlocks Alex as Yau Man continues to crawl across. Alex speeds down the lily pads on his belly. Yau Man finally frees Rita. Moto is basically one entire cage ahead as Alex unlocks Boo and Yau Man unlocks Rita at the same time. And then, things only get worse for Ravu, because as slow as you think Yau Man might have been, Rita is a lot slower. I have to wonder if you were allowed to just swim alongside the lily pads, because they're certainly not enforcing that you have to be above water. Boo gets Liliana out, so now Boo and Liliana join Stacy in the boat. They start to paddle back. At this point, this challenge looks like a total blowout. Rita finally gets on the platform as the Moto boat is picking up Alex. Mookie seems relatively speedy on the lily pads, and Moto seems to be bad at paddling, so Ravu is staying competitive. Mookie frees Earl, so they get in the boat with Michelle. Moto gets to the beach with a good-sized lead, but Ravu is still competitive. Moto builds their pyramid, and Stacy at the top has the task of trying all the keys on a ring to find the one that opens the last lock. Ravu actually gets its pyramid built and gets Michelle up there, but Stacy does find the right key, and Moto wins immunity.

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