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Oh, Bucket

Last week on Survivor, it was "check-out time" for Jerri. And that's all you need to know.

It's Day 28 at Barramundi. Sad music plays as Lamber tells us that Jerri got voted off the night before, and that the group "definitely isolated" her while making that decision. She says that she feels sad, not because Jerri left, but because she felt like her own tribe members didn't trust her. Keith then tells us in a confessional that Lamber made a tactical mistake by allying with Jerri, and that she was "visibly stunned" at Jerri's being voted off. He continues by saying that Lamber felt like she lost her "big sister comrade" and that she's now a "lone lamb" in their midst. It can't be a shout-out, so let's just say Keith is channeling, in advance, our thoughts here at Mighty Big TV. He then says that Lamber is a "big girl," so she'll have to deal with the problem she's created. We then cut to a clip of Keith singing, "Ding dong, the witch is dead!" as he and Nick sits around the fire -- further proof that he's catching our vibe. Whether or not we want to share Keith's vibe is irrelevant. Nick comments that the tribe's mood will improve now that Jerri is gone. We next see Lamber measuring the rice and determining that there's enough left for one single serving. Meanwhile, Nick and Rodger examine their bellies. They remind me of one of those Anne Geddes photographs where a curly-haired baby in purple pants and a do-rag inspects her belly button. I've always found it mildly disturbing. Nick is pleased because he's never before had so defined a six-pack. We then get close-up shots of said bellies, which I find more than mildly disturbing. Colby tells us in an interview that the human body can go days without food, and that it's all about mental power. Keep in mind that just yesterday he was on the Great Barrier Reef picnic with unlimited wrapped sandwiches and Dureet Toes. He then says, "If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas." And also that if Lambers and Jerris were hamburgers and berries, it'd be even better. Tina saysthat they need to work together to catch crickets and grub so they can fish. Elisabeth tells us that they haven't eaten in twenty-four hours, and that the tribe would bring Jerri back if they "had rice to come with her." I didn't hear this properly the first time I watched the episode, and I thought Elisabeth was talking about eating Jerri. As in, "I'll have fries with that."

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