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Erik and Ozzy, Sittin' In a Tree

Malakal arrives at Tribal Council to a very stern Probst, who tells them they're in "trouble" and only still in the game because Jonathan had to leave and Kathy is a wimp. He asks Tracy who is leading the tribe. "Ozzy," Tracy answers without hesitation. Ozzy laughs, but come on. He is. He knows he is. Tracy says Ozzy ordered her to go to Exile Island, tells everyone who will compete and how, and says what and when they'll eat. Although if that's such a big problem for Tracy she could always, you know, fish for food herself. As far as I can tell, Ozzy's the one providing everything. Ozzy says this is "ridiculous" and "doesn't make any sense." Cirie says she sees where Tracy is coming from. Ozzy might not be the official leader of the tribe, but it seems like everyone checks with him for almost everything they do. "There's a conflict going on. There's a conflict in this tribe," Erik says noncommittally as Cirie frowns. Erik says things need to get done in the tribe and Ozzy's the one who does them. If he was gone, they'd fall apart faster than they are right now. I'm not sure how much faster they could fall apart at this point. They've lost every immunity challenge. Probst asks Ami if the vote tonight will reflect short-term thinking -- voting out whoever is least useful in challenges -- or long-term thinking -- getting rid of competition. Ami says she always know who her strongest opponents are and to get rid of them "when it makes the most sense." Probst immediately asks Ozzy if this scares him. "Hell yeah, it does," Ozzy says. He knows people want him gone, even though they "need [him] to win challenges." And yet, he hasn't been all that much help, has he? Probst asks Tracy why her tribe should keep her tonight. She says she'll be much easier to go against when the tribes merge and less of threat than Ozzy to every single member of the tribe. "It's as simple as that. It's black and white. There's no gray," she says. There is a hidden immunity idol, but I don't remember what color it is.

With that, it's time to vote. Ozzy votes for Tracy, saying "you said you were honest and that's bull." Not sure what that means, but whatever. Tracy votes for Ozzy and includes what appears to be a drawing of a very angry face. "No hard feelings," she says. Then why the angry face? You know, she said she was honest and that's bull. Ami votes and returns to her seat. Tracy winks at her and gets my hopes up.

Probst tallies the votes and asks if anyone wants to play the immunity idol. Even though Ozzy claimed he was scared by Ami's words, he stays quiet. Tracy gets one vote, then Ozzy gets one. And then Tracy gets a second vote and I think she realizes that she's done. Sure enough, she gets the rest of the votes. Ami sure did talk a lot of shit, but when it came time to deliver...nothing. Damn. At least you tried, Tracy, which is more than I can say for the rest of your alliance. Tracy goes, and Probst tells the tribe they've got to start winning challenges. Or just hope for more misfortune to befall Airai.

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