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Immunity Challenge. Each person has to balance an oversized paddle on a stand, and roll a ball down it and balance the ball in a hole. They must do this six times and keep all six balls in their spots. This looks impossible. I could never do this. I'm not the only one, as Skupin and Pete are the only ones who seem to get the hang of it and they are neck-and-neck throughout. Skupin has five and Pete has four, but then Pete manages to knock almost all of his balls off. Skupin gets his last ball in place and wins immunity. Artis thinks they can all relax since Penner didn't win.

Once they get back, Penner interviews that he didn't win, so now he's scrambling, and he needs five votes to stay in the game. Abi interviews that she wishes that she could vote out Skupin; Penner is a bigger threat, but Skupin is annoying. I don't get why everyone finds Skupin is so annoying. He wouldn't be my first choice for best friend or anything, but he seems fairly goofy and benign. Abi chops coconuts and one of them splits and half of it hits Skupin in the head. The guy just can't win. Anyway, Abi interviews that Penner is charming but too smart, so it's time for him to go home. She says it's like she's the queen and she's ordering him to be beheaded. I want Penner to stay because I like him, but mostly because I want Abi to be wrong for once. Abi and Pete talk about their plan and Abi is still worried that either Lisa or Skupin (or both) will turn on them. Pete isn't worried.

Denise, Malcolm and Carter have a strategy meeting in the jungle. Denise thinks that Abi will either be selfish and hold onto her Idol herself or she might give it to Pete to play, but she definitely won't give it to Artis, so they should all vote for Artis. Malcolm agrees and so does Carter. Denise interviews that their plan is to knock out Artis and start breaking down the former Tandang alliance, but they are relying on Skupin and Lisa to vote with them or Penner's going home.

Penner sits with Lisa and makes his appeal. He reminds her that the show is a story and they have to think about whom the audience will be rooting for and what the audience wants to have happen. Penner tells Lisa that the audience will see that she's a nice person and they will admire her loyalty, but they won't like that she's helping three assholes (I'm paraphrasing) get further in the game. Penner concludes that she and Skupin can help him stay and tell a better story. Lisa interviews that she likes Penner, but she also likes the idea of being loyal. But then she also needs to consider that her loyalty is the "old Lisa" from her people-pleasing days. Penner adds that he's not trying to get in her head and it's her decision. Penner admits in an interviews that he's playing his ass off, trying to stay in the game and he hopes he can get through to either her or Skupin.

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