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Probst asks Artis if he's surprised that people are loyal to their original tribes this deep into the game, and Artis says that Tandang is one of the more powerful tribes to ever play the game and it's playing out like it's supposed to. Denise looks like she's about to vomit out a response, so Probst calls on her and she says that big moves are always made in the game, because things can always shift so it's a risk to think that things will shift. Artis says he's not totally comfortable and safe, and he knows that he can be blindsided at any time.

Probst asks Penner if Skupin's immunity gets him more than being safe. Penner says that many of them have felt like fulcrum votes and it remains to be seen if things will change tonight. Skupin says that having immunity has been great and he's never felt it before. He adds that he loved Lisa's move last week. Lisa says that her life is bigger than the game, but the game is bigger than her. Probst thankfully asks what she means, because I have no clue, and Lisa says that she thought she could cut out her feelings and play the game, but she can't, because this has been a life-altering experience.

Penner says that he appreciates someone who plays the game and he's hoping the numbers shift so he can stay. Denise adds that she doesn't think Tandang is even away that a shift is possible, although she's hoping for it. Abi says she hopes that Tandang has the numbers, but she disagrees with Denise, because she is aware that they might not. Abi adds that she's not sure about Lisa at this point. Everyone is shocked that she would say that out loud. Lisa says that actions speak louder than words on her part and she might need to look at the actions of her alliance-mates and make a decision. In other words, she was going to vote with them until they treated her like crap and now she might not. So I had a glimmer of hope here that Penner would stay.

Voting. Pete votes for Penner out of respect for his gameplay. Denise votes for Artis because she knows "that selfish mess Abi" will never give him the Idol. Love Denise. Everyone else votes and Probst tallies.

Neither Malcolm or Abi plays the Idol. If Abi were really concerned about her alliance, wouldn't she have played the Idol? Anyway, the votes pretty much alternate until they are tied with four for Penner and four for Penner. And the final and deciding vote is for... Artis. Abi is PISSED! And trying to figure out who voted the other way. I still don't know if it was Lisa or Skupin; it wasn't both. I've had to watch the closing credits voting sequence more this season than any other; turns out that Lisa voted out Penner and Skupin voted out Artis. So Skupin turned. Did Lisa know he was going to? Guess we'll find out next week.

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